Activating Your Destiny | ASTRO ENERGY FORECAST

Things are heating up my loves, and the air is charged up for your destiny to be manifested. For one, the cosmos are lit with several transits that will make this coming week one that you will remember as it will be the catalyst for your destined path. Because the North Node in Leo, a space near the moon which aligns to our destined paths is currently transiting at 8 degrees Venus, this conjunction is now magnetizing your fate. This aspect is activating the benevolent law of attraction which is made to draw our destiny closer. Venus recently transiting in fabulous Leo desires nothing less but the best and will demand it if necessary. Venus in Leo loves glitter, gold and loads of attention and affection. Love vibrations are truly extravagant, bold and courageous when Venus transits in the sign of Leo. So your best bet is to show up beautifully and regally this week in order to meet with your destined path.

What you receive will be what you courageously value. Remember that Venus truly rules the law of attraction. How you present yourself, based on your thoughts, emotions, and actions magnetizes what you essentially want. So if you want to be in love, feel affection, think sincerely and act joyfully to attract love. If you want to be a billionaire, feel dignified, think faithfully and act on your endurance and creativity to reach your billion. Do not hold back as Leo energy is magnanimous in propelling you towards your destined path. Recognize that confidence and courage is necessary towards activating this extravagant energetic vibration. Though, with Mars in Aquarius opposing Venus in Leo, there can be many thoughts of doubt that lead to analysis-Polaris' circumstance when going after what you want in order to receive what you truly value.

The remedy for this challenging aspect is to release over analyzation your actions which leads to delaying your destiny. This is especially so, as Mars in a conjunction to the South Node, which is an energy that is made to be released, since it has been overdone and stagnates the souls' growth. In order to raise your vibration, it is imperative to focus on what you want to attract and playing the part in doing so. Stay assured and be regal in knowing that the universe will grant you the best to reign the best results in your life. You will find that you have greatly set up a path towards rapid manifestation as the sun is positively aspected future-orientated Uranus. A new reality is being born throughout this week in a way that you won’t be expect as Uranus generates shocking events in our lives. Though there's no need to fret, as these changes are created for you to express your unique individuality which ultimately liberating you and the collective consciousness to progress.

There is great value to heal some relationship issues as Venus is in a positive aspect to the wounded-healer asteroid Chiron. This denotes that any early wounding that created lack of confidence and suppressed self-expression is ready to be healed in the dynamic of how you relate to others and more importantly, to yourself. Stay conscious of the relationships that bring your energy at a high or at low as an indicator for healing to occur. Trust your intuition as it is your conduit towards your abundance with Jupiter, the planet of growth positively aspects Neptune. Your spirituality and higher self is lighting your destined path ahead to grow abundantly. With this aspect, you have the opportunity to sharpen your intuition greatly by enhancing your meditative practices. Prayer and meditation is vital to your growth now along with your creativity can grow immensely when you find ways to tap into your divinity. In doing so, you will gain much empowerment in recognizing that you’re the magi of your life. As Neptune positively aspects transformative Pluto, you now have greater spiritual insight available to reconstruct your life in way that simultaneously aligns you on your destined path. Believe in your individual power that has the potency to control your environment to which healing can occur when you practice forgiveness.

StayLit, Loves. 


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