Healing Internally & Externally, Now | Chiron Transits Aries

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So you’ve made it out of the deep waters of Chiron in Pisces which has allowed you to heal some emotional wounds. Do you recognize or are you even aware of how you are more emotionally strengthened and healed of some deep emotional wounding now that since Chiron is officially out of Pisces? Growing pains is inevitable and Chiron is the indicator of that instance through the wounds we heal throughout our lives. And astrologically speaking, Chiron is essentially an asteroid that acts as a planet which makes its presence known. In between the orbit of planets, Saturn and Uranus. It takes about 50 years to go around the Sun and spends about 7 years in each sign. Now that Chiron has shifted out of Pisces, we have a new opportunity to heal in the proceeding sign of Aries. Unlike Pisces, the wounding/healing process was unseen and internal as Pisces energy rules our emotions, our sensitivities and the spiritual aspects of your life. So now as Chiron makes its debut in at 0° of Aries, we will now be able to see the manifestation of this energy more outwardly for the next 7 years.

Aries as we know it is exalted by the sun, so much wounding to the ego will be more prevalent as a collective. Another aspect of our lives to which Aries rules are your masculine sides that is within us all. It is the part of us all that initiates, combats, and forces ourselves onto the world. Men, in particular, may feel the effects of Chiron’s presence which will give the opportunity for men to heal some of the wounds that deals with toxic and hyper-masculinity. Another aspect of Aries is that it rules the head of which we may find many wounds to the dome along with new ways to heal head-injuries and headaches. Aries also rules fresh energy which alludes to the youth of the world. And in this instance, as a collective, we may be more aware of the wounds children face. There may be a strong focus on healing childhood wounds that will help with children today and with the child within us all. Though,  regardless of how Aries in Chiron affects us all collectively, on an individual level, wherever Aries lands within your natal chart is where you will be feeling the wound to heal and liberate yourself.

To heal the wound of Chiron in Aries, it first begins with your courage to change what you may think is your identity. I encourage you to take a deep look at the egotistic outlook of what you think is part of your identity outside of yourself. In this recognition, it may be painful though, through this process you will gain the opportunity to speed up your healing in your awareness. In doing so, you may even find that you’re the catalyst for others in helping or assisting that may be dealing with the similar issues that you have healed. It is noteworthy to be aware that sometimes what we may think we are just may be totally different. So its best to be open to the change it takes in releasing the identity your souls wants you to do. All while you start gaining the confidence in overriding any toxic ego-identity that will lead to the opportunity to profoundly heal and ultimately grow.

StayLit, Loves.


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