Illuminate Your Best Relationship With Self-Care | Libra Full Moon

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In what ways are you implementing a great relationship with yourself? That is, in order to maintain or even manifest great relationships, you must recognize that the most vital relationship is the one you first have to yourself. With the full moon in relationship orientated sign of Libra, we are now being illuminated in the areas that need balancing within. This full moon sheds light on the emotions that are coming to surface in regards to the relationships you have with different aspects of your life. Recognize, that this is a moment for you to release that what is no longer serving your emotional well-being. This is a rare opportunity as this blue moon in Libra invites you to set your intentions in making space to attract higher-vibrating energy to you. These relationships can include the one you have with your finances, your family &/or friends, your life’s work, your well-being and your significant other.

Essentially this is the time to create a new balance. Take accountability to transform the relationships you have by first examining the most vital relationship, that is with yourself. Within you, you have all the resources to cultivate a dynamic relationship through meditation, working out, taking herbal baths to create an internal balance towards the way you relate to yourself. It is vital to create a self-care ritual that helps nurtures your well-being in order to transform your external relationships. You can start by reciting the mantras below that are designed for each sign which correlates with the areas of life that are currently being illuminated. In doing so, you will soon recognize that everything that is happening to you now is a direct reflection of how you relate to yourself. 

As the Libra full moon is in a challenging aspect to the malefic planets of  Mars & Saturn, you may be feeling the push-pull pressure to react more harshly than usual. Instead, avoid any unwanted outbursts and rather stay in line with your emotional nature as the universe is testing your faith and patience. Your best bet is to keep the peace as much as you can like Libra does so charmingly while you remain disciplined to focus your energy towards what is creating real stability in your life. Take this realization in stride and keep matters lit by radiating your internal light with grace. Maintaining your balance will keep your scales in tack where you are ultimately showcasing the peace you have within in knowing that the universe has your back at all times. In doing so, expect abundance to come as your awareness of raising your vibration above it all brings balance to yourself. Allow and empower yourself to emotionally transform your relationships internally to manifest greater relationships with your external world. It starts with you.

StayLit, Loves.



7th house (Emperor)

I am setting the direction to build better relations.


6th house (Moon)

I gain greater self-worth when I make space for self-care.


5th house (Sun)

I enlighten my relations when I trust the space to radiate.


4th house (3 of Wands)

I care for my space to manifest greater faith.


3rd house (Wheel of Fortune)

My willpower within turns my destined fortune forward.


2nd house (Page of Wands)

I deserve the value I add to my worth. 


1st house (Page of Swords)

I balance my truth within to radiate true fortitude.


12th house (10 of Wands)

I release unwanted burden to welcome my desires.


11th house (9 of Wands)

I recognize my stamina welcomes the greatest hopes & wishes.


10th house (3 of Pentacles)

I use my team to build better relations with success.  


9th house (5 of Cups)

I know to release self-limiting beliefs in gaining higher truth. 


8th house (Temperance)

I believe in the alchemy of divine timing to better my relations.  

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