Healing & Transforming Emotions | Astro-Meditation Mantra


Are you feeling the shift of energy that is asking you to transform? Keywords: FeeI & Shift. I know I have and it has been within a deep space. Pardon my absence of posts, but I had to do my part in healing the wounds I have been feeling. And I know that I haven’t been the only one that has felt this while looking forward to shifting out of this energy already. Though this change is not for the faint of heart you know. Recognizing your power and internal strength is vital for this change along with being self-aware about what needs to be healed. Allow yourself to innerstand, yes innerstand what is truly going on deeply internally in order to externally make that prominent and positive shift.

Astrologically speaking, you may have been feeling all the feels with a tremendous focus on our emotions and the sensitivity of it all as our brightest star, the Sun, has been in Pisces along with a bevvy of other planets this month. Though, with Mercury and Venus moving into Aries, our minds and what matters of which we value are now building up your courage and confidence to move forwards while you have been all exploring all the options in doing so with Mars in Sagittarius. This seems like much, and the reason for this is that it has actually been a lot of everything, intensely so, but certainly vital to your growth. Especially now that the Sun in Pisces in now in a positive aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio; being aware of making and going through deep and intense emotional transformation is actually quite a rewarding experience. In fact, this is where your abundance lies, so feel empowered by the strong emotions you are experiencing and allow your optimism to drive your goals in claiming the buried treasure before you.

In your exploration and through your actions towards claiming your abundance, this is where you will find your individual freedom as Mars positively aligns with Uranus. Opt for change for the win instead of allowing the restrictive energy of Saturn to block what it is your value as Saturn squares Venus. To overcome this challenging aspect, your best bet is to commit to what you truly value even when you may be faced with the harsh reality of what it is worth. Just know that what you value is in alignment with what you love and with love on your side it will surpass the test of time. This is also the remedy for Mars in the challenging aspect to Chiron to which you may be triggering your emotional wounds by over and beyond explorative actions. It is best to scale back a bit on your actions to allow healing to happen instead of driving a lot of force towards your wounds.

This innerstanding will come to full realization around the new moon in Pisces which deals a lot with your emotional wounding. It is fortunate that the universe is giving you the opportunity to really feel these sensitive wounds in order to find the true courage and power to heal. This is essential as the new moon in Pisces this coming weekend brings us all to a pivotal point for change to take place before we all shift into the astrological New Year once Aries season starts. It is why I encourage you to start setting the intentions that will healthily heal the wounds that have been coming to the surface this entire Pisces season. In doing so, you are making way for powerful emotional healing to take place since the upcoming new moon will be in strong conjunction to Chiron, the wounded healer. So the question remains, are you ready to start your intentions towards healing your emotional wounds? Let's hope your answer is yes, as this is where you abundance lies towards transforming your emotional self for your ultimate well-being.

StayLit, Loves. 

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