Answer Your Future with Self-Care | Aquarius New Moon - Partial Solar Eclipse | Astro-Meditation Mantra


Your future self is now calling you but the question is, how will you respond? With the new moon in the progressive sign of Aquarius, it is now time to start initiating how are you communicating the matters that will ultimately liberate your future. At every new moon, we all have the opportunity to initiate a new phase of our life for us to level-up. And with the higher vibration of the partial solar eclipse, you are now walking into a new cycle of your life that is made to bring change that leads to freedom in your life. Though, this goes without your consent as free-will is always your choice towards how you choose to innovate your future. Aquarius energy asks you to allow your intuition and intellect to be your intent that will revolutionize your future. In doing so, be sure to be your original-self and allow your eccentricity to shine. It is time to release the thoughts of thinking about what others may think of you, as group-thinking is the lower-manifestation of Aquarius energy. Instead, raise your vibration and practice humanitarian ideals to which everyone is appreciated and connected for their originality.

Recognize that your mindset is activated immensely by this new moon since Mercury the planet of communications positively aligns with Uranus - the planetary ruler of  Aquarius. This denotes that what you are communicating is now is actively signalling your future. You might be receiving genius hits of ideas or you may find yourself using social media more oftne these days to communicate your ideas to a larger mass. However ways you are using this energy, just know that you are actively shaping your future now. Your thoughts are now able to quickly manifest, so be mindful and free your mind from low-vibrational thoughts that do not serve you progression. Your best ritual for this new moon is to set your intentions and write out your future plans. Be sure to speak your future into existence as the energies are now lit to unexpectedly grant your thoughts into reality for the next 6 mos. To further ignite your manifestation powers, recite the Astro-meditative mantras below, specifically designed for your zodiac sign.

StayLit, Loves.


A R I E S - 11th House (3 of Pentacles)

I am building my future innovatively. 

T A U R U S - 10th House (Queen of Cups)

I have the creative sensibility that intuits my goals.

G E M I N I  - 9th House (5 of Cups)

I think positively to liberate the mind and raise my vibration. 

C A N C E R - 8th House (Judgement)

I hear the call to transform and change my future.

L E O - 7th House (The Hermit) 

I will find my internal light to shine brightly.

V I R G O - 6th House (7 of Pentacles) 

I analyze my daily efforts to reform my health. 

L I B R A - 5th House (The Empress)

I attract abundance when I am balanced.

S C O R P I O - 4th House (The Star) 

My desires for a solid foundation is met to springboard my future. 

S A G I T T A R I U S - 3rd House (Page of Wands) 

I recognize new adventures communicates an optimistic future. 

C A P R I C O R N  - 2nd House (Page of Coins) 

I use new approaches to progress what I am worth.

A Q U A R I U S - 1st House (Temperance) 

I know that combining my intuitive & intelligent forces initiates a new future.

P I S C E S - 12th House (4 of Wands) 

I believe the release of the past celebrates the liberation of my future.

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