Unconditional Love Mantra - Venus In Pisces | Self-Care Box

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Listen, I want to remind you to know that the universe has totally got your back, love. Especially through the upcoming V-day holiday season, be sure to raise your vibration to get caught in the high vibrational energy approaching. Astrologically speaking, the planet of love is now transiting into its exalted position in the sign of Pisces from February 10th until the 6th of March. This denotes that love will definitely have a more dreamy, romantic, and unconditional love feel about it which has the potential to run really deep. During this season a meditative bath is excellent for Venus in Pisces energy. Bask in a self-love spa ritual within your personal space and expect your imagination to be lit, as this is a great time to do visualization exercises to further your manifestations. Be open to experience a heightened sense of spirituality through your meditative practices. Here is a great meditation the Soul-Mate Guided Meditation that works best to raise and attract high vibrational love energy. 

Happy V-Day Loves & Always StayLit.

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