Connecting With Your Higher Mind | GEMINI FULL MOON MANTRA

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Are you fully charged to connect with your higher mind that is communicating to you? With the full moon in Gemini activating our minds, be aware of the necessity to simply go with the flow rather than trying to go after the superficial and material. Recognize that the truth of the matter will soon reveal itself in the form of a bigger picture imagined. As the full moon opposes and illuminates the Sun in Sagittarius, it is also in opposition to its ruling planet, Jupiter, which will ultimately lead to some expansive growth opportunities in relations to another.

Though, your actions may be challenged as Mars in Pisces squares the Gemini Full moon which tends to gloss over the details or dissolve our initial action to explore the opportunities before us. Instead, it is wise to take the go-with-the-flow approach in matters of actions and rather dream, meditate or imagine what can be done to fulfill your opportunity you would like to expand. Recognize that abundance is at your reach but it is from an internal space of which believing first is seeing, then later appears for you to seize the opportunity. This is especially so as the ruler of this full moon, Mercury, is in retrograde to its opposing sign of Sagittarius. This configuration gives us the the bigger picture without truly seeing the details until you act on cultivating your inner strength and spiritual faith rather than acting with outward expression and force.

You may feel the desire for change individually as Uranus in Aries in retrograde makes a complementary aspect to the full moon. In this case, you may feel yourself progressing your higher mind as a visionary for your future expectations. It is vital to use this energy as I encourage you to create a personal vision board for the unique opportunities you would like to gain as a way of successfully communicating your abundance. In doing so, you are ultimately liberating and even revolutionizing your cause to act towards the truth you are expressing. In this same notion, be sure to release any nervous energy in the name of self-love as your truth gains light through your originality that ultimately informs your emotional well-being.

As the destined nodal axis is also activated by the Gemini Full Moon in both cardinal signs of Cancer as the North Node and Capricorn as the South, this denotes a new start to begin aligning yourself though cultivating your inner emotional truth in order to let go of external controlled fears. With this new duality expressing itself, an intelligent choice is necessary. Be sure to follow your internal compass that is always correct in guiding you to the conduit of your higher self and destiny. With this in mind, it is inevitable that your soul is already anticipating this new exploration that is destined to lead to your ultimate truth and success.

StayLit, Loves.

::G E M I N I  F U L L  M O O N  M A N T R A :: 

(Three of wands +The Devil)

“I release lack of faith & foresee the abundance my heart claims.” 

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