Are you ready to give yourself the deepest love? With Venus the planet that rules over what we love and value starting its 40 day & 40 night retrograde, this is the transit where transformation your internal depth is what will bring you what you truly desire. As Venus begins its retrograde first the sign of Scorpio, then in Libra, expect highlighted themes about how you relate to different aspects of you life. Be prepared to go deep within as it is encouraged that you first must focus on the most vital relationship you will ever have and that is with yourself. What you truly value will take on great precedence over what you will be attracting during this transit. As Scorpio’s energy rules over powerful dynamics like sex, our psychological nature, deep desires, hidden secrets, taxes, and even the occult, you will begin to feel an intensified transformation with these themes that are bound to transpire.Ultimately, this transit will showcase your connection to your deepest desires by what you are drawing into your life.  Keep in mind that Scorpio rules the space we intentionally hide and repress, also known as the shadow side. So what you deeply desire is prone to find its way to you, whether good or bad. The key to this period is to locate  where Scorpio and Libra falls in your natal chart. And depending on the house, this is where you will find what area of your life the universe is calling you to transform and deepen your connection with yourself in order to attract what it is you truly value.
This inevitable innerstanding is made to induce a transformation that will ultimately empower you to bring in a peace of balance towards your relationships.

StayLit, Loves.