Are you ready to shift into your power? With emotionally intensified Pluto moving direct today, we are all completing a powerful internal transformation that is ready to rise from the ashes to demonstrate these changes externally. It is no coincidence that this shift began at the first day of October, the 10th month of the year. What this denotes is that in numerology, the number 10 alludes to endings and beginnings as the planet Pluto moves out of its 5 month retrograde period. As profound and deep these internal changes have been, Pluto rules over the psyche, deep and dark emotions, secrets, the process of death, rebirth and transformation, sex, taboo, the occult & hidden knowledge along with existing power dynamics. As this planet governs the sign of Scorpio, people who have substantial Scorpio planetary placements in their charts will profoundly feel this shift. Though, as everyone has Capricorn in their chart, that is where you will feel the profound transit of Pluto activating your chart. To use this energy effectively, recognize that Pluto is all about you participating in the change that is made to transform you forever or be ready to have it taken from in a form of a certain death in your life. Be sure to step up to the plate and ascend to a  space of that allows to resurrect, transform, or eliminate what is truly holding you back from rising from the ashes. The point of Pluto, especially transiting in the structured sign of Capricorn is for you to break the barriers that holds you down in order for you to transcend that energy to one that essentially empowers your inner and outer authority of your life. Once you recognize your true power, true commitment becomes possible for you to achieve the security that is eminent for you to empower your life.

StayLit, Loves.⁣

(3 of cups) ⁣
“I create balance by celebrating what I relinquish to elevate my true power.”⁣

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