How are you dealing with the light and dark sides of your nature? With the recent new moon in Libra, how you are initiating a new balance in your life? Recognize that coming to these terms may not be the easiest to reach, yet recognize your efforts will ultimately empower you. As the new moon activates this energy, new truths are shifting justified instances that are made to balance a new order that are base on the choice you are initiating. In deciding what notion is best for you, at every new moon, this is the time of which you are releasing what no longer serves you. And as the new moon is challenged by transformative Pluto in Capricorn, new structures are being formed for you to come into this balance.

This is a time to be truthful with yourself in order to release what is not empowering you. As Libra is ruled by they way we relate to different entities of our lives, your responsibility is to make the choice that will bring in a new balance that ultimately restructures and builds your desired future. Even with this tension, realize it is for you to level up and ultimately boss up to space that empowers just like how Libra’s opposing sign of Aries would.  Organize with a dose of discipline and logic to plan the necessary steps it takes to co-create your desired outcome. To stay in alignment in magnetizing this structured new balance, recite the New Moon Mantra below.

StayLit, Loves.

L I B R A  N E W  M O O N  M A N T R A

“I balance my desires by deciding the route that will empowers me.”
(The Emperor)

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