Self-Awareness is Self-Love || Astro - Meditation Week 1.7-1.14.18

                          Artist:  @ taijaax3

                          Artist: @taijaax3

Shall we fall in love with the time we are currently spending?

This question is especially potent as Venus the planet that rules over what we love and value, conjuncts our brightest star -the Sun both in the sign of Capricorn. It is time to start being conscious of how you are spending your time. Some thoughts to think about is whether or not your time spent is worthwhile to bringing you pleasure and more importantly if it is being spent in the space of doing what you love?

The Sun in Capricorn illuminates your conscious efforts of what it is you value. It is vital to ensure that the time you spend is worthy of attracting the wealth, pleasure and satisfaction that has great capacity in creating lasting value. In this recognition, you may be feeling motivated to take action towards what you desire as the Sun in Capricorn makes a positive aspect to Mars in Scorpio. Be bold in taking the initiative towards what it is that you want. You have the courage of Mars giving you the focus and drive to create lasting value that is worth your time. In doing so, with abundant Jupiter also in positive alignment with the Sun, your beliefs that drives your desire that has the magnetic potential to amplify your abundance prospects you are creating.

The stars are lit for us this week, once your beliefs are aligned with an optimistic viewpoint towards your desires that is backed by your courageous efforts and drive to go after what you want, just as long as you value your time in doing so. This is a powerful alignment as above that is happening for you to transform what it is you are co-creating to bring in the future you desire so below. With your intent and action, this is the week you will see the fruits of your internal work you have been doing will manifest right before your eyes.

To ignite your manifestation powers, light up your lit sage stick and be sure to activate your abundance mindset by listening to the guided meditation for free in the link below. Recognize to spend each moment you breathe from an internal space which will make your time here abundantly eternal.

StayLit, Loves.

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