Celebrate your royalty, radiance and powerful presence with the super moon eclipsing in the regal sign of Leo as it comes to a culmination. This peak experience brings to light what has been initiated during the Leo Solar Eclipse back in August to which a hear awakening is occurring. This is the moment to be within your authentic and creative space as you bask in your confident nature that allows you to create a joyful existence for the future you heart desires. Be sure to have fun with your current emotions regardless of how you feel as you have the power to take charge of your emotional well-being.

Step out from the shadows and trust the circumstances that are all unfolding benevolently on your behalf. Be the authority of your emotions and move through life with great enthusiasm to raise your vibratory status. With this full moon exuding goddess energy upon us, this is the moment where you will know and gain an innerstanding that is calling you to radiate your determined heart of gold. There is great potential to lead your willful energetic force towards your destined path as you are now connecting to your destiny as the north node - a lit nodal side of the moon that is in conjunction to the super moon. This denotes that wherever Leo is placed in your natal chart is where you are being directed to shine bright a light your destined path by confidently expressing your creative self.

Below, look to your zodiac’s sign where your house is lit by the Leo Lunar Eclipse & recite the designated mantra that is activating your destiny.

StayLit, Loves.




ARIES - 5th house {9 of cups}

I know my dreams are coming to light when I am in a joyful disposition.


TUARUS - 4th house {6 of coins}

I know that reciprocity is a gift of time that adds value to my foundation.


GEMINI - 3rd house {9 of wands}

I know the courage to confidently speak my truth is where my creativity shines.


CANCER - 2nd house {7 of coins}

I know the worth of my patience brings greater value to my determination.


LEO - 1st house {4 of coins}

I know I am radiant when I illuminate true security.


VIRGO - 12th house {queen of coins}

I know my intuition is illuminating my natural sensuality.


LIBRA - 11th house {king of coins}

I know my dreams are secured within my assured wealth of being.


SCORPIO - 10th house {knight of cups}

I know my career is illuminating my creative power.


SAGITTARIUS - 9th house {ace of swords}

I know my enthusiastic optimism will illuminate the path to my truth.


CAPRICORN - 8th house {five of swords}

I know taking charge of my destiny brings victorious transformations.


AQUARIUS - 7th house {five of cups}

I know being joyful about making partnerships changes will create a better outcome.


PISCES - 6th house {death}

I know the change of habits is working to radiate my creative reality.

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