Emotional Intelligence Mantra || Astrology Meditation

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Keep your emotional intelligence lit love. That is, the phrase as above-so below not only applies to our relation to the cosmos but also to your thoughts and emotional well-being. Illuminate yourself with high-vibrational thinking that radiates your existence that helps you communicate the efforts which shapes your commitment to creating a better presence & future. Train your thoughts towards a higher perspective that allows you to re-design your energetic vibration that will lead you to long-term success. Recognize that a major shift is upon us as the super moon lunar eclipse in Leo happening this Wednesday, will demand that you step up to the stage light an be the staring role of your life.

Though, before doing so, you must make up your mind in order to muster up the courage it takes to release any negative thoughts that keeps you in the shadows. Allow your thoughts to be the catalyst of your truth and the change that your heart desires. Train your mind & stay focused as Mercury, the planet that rules communication is in a challenging aspect to Uranus, which rules rebellion. You may have the urge to act on your eccentric ideas or have a-million-and-one of them running rampant, but your best bet is to remain centered on your goals that is leading you to tangible success before you. In doing so, you will avoid losing track of what really matters to which committing to your tasks can allow the opportunity to heal as Mercury makes a positive aspect to the vital dwarf planet of healing, Chiron. One remedy you can always count on when your internal light may seem to be dim either from distractions or emotional triggers is being mindful and to take a moment & focus within to meditate which allows you to bridge your soul to ascension & higher consciousness. This is a part of emotional intelligence you can embark on which helps to heal internal wounds tremendously.

Always remember that you are magic & your though are spell-bounding to your experienced existence. In knowing this, be sure to shift your vibration when necessary to an ascension to create a space where abundant changes can take place for real opportunities of to occur. Especially as Jupiter, the planet of abundance continues to make a positive aspect to Pluto; long-lasting & major changes are currently being transformed in your life right now. The question you must ask yourself is how is your internal light guiding these changes? In answering this, you can be on either side of the coin, but recognize that you always have the opportunity to shift yourself to the brighter side of it by first beginning to monitor your thoughts & emotional well-being to a space that is illuminated. 

StayLit, Loves. 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“I know the release of negative thinking allows new & prosperous thoughts to take space”.
(Death//Ace of Coins) Mercury Square Uranus + Mercury Sextile Chiron + Jupiter Sextile Pluto


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