Securing Yourself Emotionally | Cancer Full Moon Ritual

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Who's ready for that inevitable 2018 glow-up? 

Starting off the year with a massive super full moon in the sign of Cancer illuminates your emotional security. The question to ask yourself is: Have I secured my foundation that allows me to healthy grow my ambitions? With the moon in Cancer opposing the sun Capricorn, the polarity between these two signs is currently carrying the energetic vibration of being secure within our emotional states (Cancer) which relates to our material state (Capricorn). Their energies are both equally as important for you to create a balance that aids in securing that bag along with your emotional state. One cannot exist without the other. When you are emotionally secure first your material security then follows.

The universe is calling for you to maintain your emotional state that is being highlighted in order to maintain your material goals. Recognize that Cancer is the sign that rules our foundations, the things that we care about and what it is that we find comforting. It is where we call home, our mothers, the women in our lives and our family. Cancer is the sign that teaches us how to care and nature our selves and others. Though in order to healthy nurture yourself, it is vital to first implement self-care rituals that nurture your well-being. Creating a great environment within your home is where you should feel good and be cared for. Cancer holds that sacred space within our natal charts of safety to create that foundation where you are comforted through self-care rituals. You can find security in the traditions of cleansing or smudge your space with aromatic sage wands or by emerging your body in an herbal salt bath as you meditate. These regimens are examples of creating a self-care ritual that allows you to feel secure and cared for within your own personal space. In doing so, you can create a safe space to secure your emotional state so that you’re able to healthily go out into the world and manifest the material gains you desire.

Recognize that it is vital to start basking in your illuminated state which is now setting the tone for you to achieve your ambitions in 2018. Just know, as you start leveling up your vibrations and securing emotions you will find that you will be quickly propelling your future to live your best life.

StayLit, Loves. 

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Happy New Year! 

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