Progress Yourself this Aquarius Season || Self Care Astro-Meditation Mantra

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Are you up for a progressive change that has the potential to liberate your life? Look to your future self to know what it is your higher mind and consciousness is propelling towards. With the Sun and Venus now in the future-orientated sign of Aquarius for next approximate 30 days, your freedom-loving ideals will be the thoughts that lead you to create your futuristic self. As we leave the recent new moon energy in the sign of Capricorn, the next step to leveling up your life from your new moon intentions is now time to implement progressive change that is honest and original to your unique self.

Feel free to allow your eccentricity to shine as Venus, also in Aquarius, has the potential to attract what it is that you truly value. Express your inventive ways of building relationships with your community, your tribe, and your friends to attract worthy gems. Recognize that your originality and even your unconventional methods are much appreciated and valued as Aquarian energy is known to be the ‘alien’ of the zodiac. Project your future in a willful manner that has the potential to liberate your individuality. Technological advancements or devices may hold greater value to your fellowship. You may grow your social media platform by expressing your opinions that reforms the ideals of others. Know your truth and continue to be original, objective and outspoken about it. Just know that the more extreme or even rebellious your expression is how you will attract what it is you truly love. This energy calls for friendliness in a detached manner that is truly sociable, outgoing and humanitarian. Your genius-approach is necessary to apply your ideas in growing your worth, your money-making capabilities that lead to financial freedom. Realize that your ingenious methods are found to be attractive and beautiful to your loved ones. Your free-thinking ideals attract necessary change that will lead you to propel your future.

Be sure to revolutionize your mind and be open to your intuitive hits that lead to greater progress. This is a great time to schedule an astrology reading as Aquarius ruling planet, Uranus rules astrology, which helps you to align with your future. Meditate to tap into your higher mind which will be a valuable conduit for you to be the original person you are born to be. Know that this is where our abundance lies when you practice self-care rituals. Liberate yourself to be truly who you are in order to allow others to be free themselves. Create progress in which solidarity emerges to revolutionize and innovate a better future for you and the collective.

StayLit, Loves.

Aquarius Season Astro Meditation Mantra

(The Lovers + 4 of Swords) 

“I know my higher mind attracts divine progressions towards what I love”.

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