Fostering Real Manifestations || New Moon in Capricorn

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How is your focus when it comes to what it is that you want to achieve? With the current new moon in Capricorn, along with five other planets in the same sign, there is great determination towards securing your goals and the bag. Though at the same time, you must ask yourself, at what cost does it take to achieve your ambitions? Be sure to apply your self-care routines as you climb the ladder to success. With a new moon, every month you have the opportunity to realign your intentions and connect with the lunar phases that allows you the space to foster what it is you want to manifest.

Through your intentions, you have the capability to plan your goals in the area to which the current sign is transiting. With the new moon in Capricorn, you can now consolidate your New Years resolutions which have lasting potential to remain committed to your intentions as Capricorn is a goal-orientated sign. Recognize that you have plenty of universal support on your side to climb that mountain - as long as you remain productive, patient and practical towards your success.

As you maintain your steady climb, keep in mind that Capricorn has the potential to carry a depressed or insecure energy as its lower vibrations. Just know that the key to freeing yourself from energy is to release yourself from any controlling factors. Start implementing a change in your life which allows a liberated state of mind to be set free as Uranus squares this new moon. It is vital to take stock of your individual thoughts and your intuition that will innovate yourself to creating progress that expresses your originality. Know that your individuality will lead you to higher heights as you build towards your goals.

You can scroll below to find your sign’s individual mantra that will help raise your vibrations as you set your intentions for the new moon lasting for the next three days. Also, to forever keep yourself within a higher frequency, listen to our free meditative soul playlist that I know you'll love. Be sure to share with your friends, and always,

StayLit, Loves. 

Capricorn New Moon Mantra

ARIES - 10th house 

{king of swords}

I use my intellectual compass to progress my material aims.

TAURUS 9th house 

{the hermit}

I use my time of solitude to ascend my higher consciousness.

GEMINI 8th house

{king of cups}

I use my emotional intelligence to foster necessary changes.

CANCER - 7th house 

{5 of pentacles}

I use lessons of hardships to further progress my relationships.    

LEO 6th house 

{the fool}

I use new day-to-day methods of being to advance healthy goals.

VIRGO 5th house 

{the chariot}

I use my willpower to strengthen my creative goals.  

LIBRA 4th house

{the devil}

I use discernment to detach myself from unhealthy comforts.

SCORPIO 3rd house

{the seven wands}

I use my courageous efforts of determination to progress effective communication.


{the seven cups}

I use my financial goals as a means to decide my self-worth.

CAPRICORN - 1st house 

{the nine of cups}

I use my satisfied state of feeling to progress my achievements. 

AQUARIUS - 12th house

{the world}

I use my accomplishments to foster a connection with my higher self. 

PISCES 11th house

{the wheel of fortune}

I use my greater vision to manifest a solid and supportive community.

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