Finding Abundance in Despair || Astrology Alignment, Haiti

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“When they go low, we go high.”
- Michelle Obama, former 1st Lady.

During my morning meditation upon waking up, I had recent current events in mind. As today marks the horrific anniversary of Haiti’s massive earthquake - I wonder how the leader of the US speaks such negativity about this nation just a few hours before. But as a woke person, I see no coincidence to the timing of trumps remarks. For decades, the west has worked relentlessly in portraying Haiti in a negative light. This creative effort through media campaigns has projected and maintained less than positive images of the Caribbean island which shaped the world's view of Haiti. With trumps recent remarks the less than positive media campaign ensues as it echo’s over today’s anniversary of the devastating earthquake. The timing is perfect for the media’s agenda to reverberate lower vibrational messaging that overshadows the greatest achievement of Haiti- being the worlds 1st nation of African-decent to win their independence shortly after the US in 1804. You would think that this notion would be celebrated in media more which would elevate the vibrations of us all, but that is not the real agenda being presented. This is why former 1st lady, Michelle Obama’s, famously quoted remarks which simultaneously responded to trump negatively still resonates today that states, “When they go low, we go high”.

This has been my motto once I have heard news of trumps latest comments. But as an astrologer and one that studies metaphysics, shall we ascend to another level? This is where the solution lies to uncover the hidden knowledge that allows one to raise their vibration. tap into there higher self, and connect with the ancestors to recognize the heights of our spiritual wellness that reigns supreme in leading us to higher heights. Self-awareness is vital to becoming woke in any method or form of innerstanding that suits you. As for me, once a significant event occurs, I look above to gain insight on what is happening here below the cosmos on Earth.

With so many planets in the sign of Capricorn, you can’t help to see the light and shadow sides of this sign. Capricorn rules areas of our lives that pertains to governments, success, order, achievements, structure, ambitions, the material realm, along with the harsh realities of life, oppression, and fear. These energetic vibrations are similar to the natal aspects of Haiti and it is no coincidence that this nation is currently in the news. Unfortunately, there’s an oppressive undertone to the what is being reported which has been part of the nations shadow manifestation. But as mentioned before, the nations greatest achievement has not been similarly reported and celebrated in western media. This realization has been a great fascination as a Haitian woman living in the United States. This is when I started to examine Haiti’s natal chart to examine the energy it has manifested. As mentioned with so many planets in Capricorn it is invertible to have the nation of Haiti achieve such a great defeat against the French army- which at the time was just as powerful as today US army-in gaining their independence. Though what has come after this major success has been decades upon decades of oppression from the west. Fear tactics and negative campaigns were the motifs that painted our minds, beliefs of Haiti. But as I examine Haiti’s natal chart as if I was doing a reading for anyone was to find where does their abundance lie? How can Haiti turn its negativity into the positivity that has begun the nation's history? Your best bet is to look at Jupiter, which is our largest, abundant and most benefactor planet in our solar system, For Haiti, Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio showcasing that the island is now having their Jupiter return. This the time for the nation to recognize their abundance and wealth which lies in the powerful sign of Scorpio. Just think about what Scorpio rules, hidden knowledge, the occult, passions, intuition.

With Jupiter shedding light on these themes, it is time for Haitians to empower themselves of the hidden knowledge the hold which is the spirituals tradition that has been preserved up to date from Africa as voodoo. Jupiter also rules our spiritual beliefs and I see that once Haitians begin to empower themselves in their innate spirituality, this is the key that will unlock their abundance. Connect with the ancestors that lead your greatest achievement in order to continue the legacy you have found your success. Great abundance lies in the occult practices which have great potential to empower the island and elevate their spirits to build and manifest their best. For many decades, Haitian have turned their backs to there ancestors and to African spirituality of voodoo as many have subscribed to the negative media campaign that deems Voodoo to be evil. This is the biggest PR campaign has disempowered the religion and disenfranchised the wealth it brings to the nation as Voodoo religion has been portrayed in a negative light. Without a doubt, there are practitioners that capitalize on darker forces. But always recognize that light can always cast away all shadows. Recognize that it was the Haitian ancestors that were the powerful spiritual force that was invoked that lead to the material manifestation of Haiti’s independence. With so many logical reasoning against Haiti winning over the French, like barefoot soldiers and an army that didn’t have enough material resources, it was Haiti’s spiritual resources that inspired strategies that only metaphysical innerstanding could have recognized to surmount over the uphill battle.

This is Haiti’s greatest abundance. With the nation now having their Jupiter return, owning your spiritual powers will inevitably illuminate the island’s hidden wealth. Connecting back to higher energetic vibration is an empowering stance that takes back ones power. Remember that spiritual wellness is vital to maintaining and strengthening one’s internal wellbeing which in return supports all external gains. Let us not forget the spirit within us that makes us who we are today to carry us into the future to ultimately thrive.

StayLit, Loves.

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