Manifesting Your Glow-Up || Astrology Meditation Mantra


Ready to manifest that glow-up right? It is time to make up your mind and own what it is that you are committed to creating and building lasting value in your life. Self-discipline is necessary now to manifest an abundant reality. Meditate to align your internal insights that aides your manifestation potential. It is time to decide what it's you are committed to acting upon. What you have been sowing is what you are currently reaping. It is vital to take responsibility for your what you building as you do the internal work that is radiating your true efforts around.

Remain grateful for what you have acquired as you gain a reality check of your growing success. Recognize that you are born worthy and have the all that you need within to manifest more of what you can gain through your sole efforts. With the Sun, Venus and now Mercury are all in the sign of Capricorn, you are getting a real idea of what you are made and capable of attaining. It is time to be real with the efforts you are putting in which will lead you to your ultimate success. Mercury the planet that rules your mindset shifts into Capricorn, which denotes that your thoughts will be now more grounded and practical towards the goals you have been exploring. You now have the cosmic backing from Mercury to ground your plans that will lead you to true your manifestation potential. Take full control of your actions as the Sun in Capricorn illuminates the practical creative efforts it will take to act on your deepest desires as continues its transit in Scorpio. Allow your willpower to drive your determination as this initiative will bring abundance to what it is you truly want.

With Mars and Jupiter in positive alignment, the actions you are taking now has great potential to grow and expand as you remain optimistic about your goals. Empower yourself by raising your vibration. Your masculine and feminine entities are now coming into alignment as Venus and Mars begin a harmonious connection. This denotes that your needs and wants will be met in ways that you have truly desired to which you will be solidly compensated as you empower yourself through your actions. This week truly showcases an auspicious time that is setting the grounds for a year of true manifestations. Building yourself on solid ground attracts like-minded and like-hearted people that will align your efforts with partnerships. Be sure to keep your energy abundant and take the efforts towards the goals to manifest real success that has great potential to last.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“I use my empowered sense of self to manifest real abundance around me”.

(9 of Coins//The Hermit) Sun Conjunct Venus + Sun Sextile Mars +  Sun Sextile Jupiter + Sun Conjunct Pluto + Venus Sextile Mars + Venus Conjunct Pluto + Mars Conjunct Jupiter

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