My will in allowing my hearts radiance to be my internal compass leads me to my destiny | Self Care Meditation

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Wherever you go, make sure that you go with your heart. Keep this in mind now, especially as our destiny is activated by our heart’s radiance. With the North Node, our activated destined path - being in the sign of Leo, along with the sun & Mars in Leo; it is safe to say that allowing your heart to lead is where your destiny lies. At its highest vibration, Leo's energy is heart-centered, courageous and confident. Bask in this energetic vibration and courageously take action to express yourself with great confidence. Trust your instincts as this is your power potential that is projecting your fearlessness and moving in your truth with radiant courage. What you are feeling and thinking now are in true alignment as the Moon and Mercury positively aspects each other. With deep instinctual awareness, your emotions can be hypersensitive, so guard any potential conflicts between your emotions and actions. In doing so, you will find that your values has great potential to change in betters ways you haven’t expected.

As Venus, the planet of love, money & beauty positively aspects Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs - expect sudden magnetic attractions to reveal itself. This especially resonates through the values your are communicating and how you are ushering positive changes with your actions. Your valued focus is now being activated and is bound to attract matters that can bring sudden change to your life. In this process, you will find that your thought will bring sudden attractions to conversations and communications that has great potential to heal your wounds. These conversations may not be necessarily easy but are worth it in the the long run. So speak your truth to heal your wounds. In doing so, when connecting with others be expansive to your truth which makes matters easier to transform any fears that may hold back your growing connections.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“My will in allowing my hearts radiance to be my internal compass leads me to my destiny.”
(Two of Wands) Sun Conjunct Mars + Moon Sextile Mercury + Moon Sq Mars + Venus Sextile Uranus + Venus Sq Chiron + Jupiter Sq Pluto

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