My will to put an end to darkness allows my spotlight to shine brighter | Self Care Mantra

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A massive energetic shift is occuring now. It is seeking for you to move towards matters that are heartfelt rather than remaining in any form of mental stagnancy. With so much occuring in the world today, you would think that we’re shifting towards the worse. Though, it is the contrary. With the North Node and the solar eclipse occuring in the sign of Leo, we are shifting towards lighter and brighter sides of things. This perspective accounts to what your hearts desire is seeking for you to move towards a brighter future. Consider whatever have been painful within your existence to be at its last leg, and now the only way to go is up. It is time to let of mental thoughts that aren’t serving you. Recognize that the worst is over and new dawn is here to satisfy your hearts desires. With this inner-standing, listen to where your heart is pulling you- whether this is a career opportunity, a significant partnership or location of what your heart has been calling you towards - be courageous, be fearless & go forward. Your soul is speaking to you to move in what your heart has been telling you. Especially with the Sun and Moon in positive alignment in fire energy take action as what you feel and your vital energy is now lit. Listen and go within as a reminder from your souls intent.

Meditate to release negative chatter within your mind. Release any state of analysis paralysis or even worst to think about what others may think. These notions are not of your highest concern. Mind your heart’s desire and trust it. Your soul knows what’s up and knows what is best for you. Let go of any fears that is manifesting in forms of control that is hindering any growth & transformation. With this brewing eclipse energy underway between Aquarius and Leo, we are to release Aquarian’s low-vibrational mental energy and go with Leo’s high-vibrational heart-centered vibrancy. Think of what makes you happy, what makes you feel vibrant and move towards that as you let go of any mental procrastination themes or those of wanting to save the world without saving yourself. This time leads to being grateful & thankful for the world you are creating because you are hear within it.  Bask in your unique qualities, your boldness and allow your heart to lead you towards your destiny.  Love is calling and it is the answer to everything. Answer this call without over-analyzing. Take action and illuminate your path forward knowing that the worst is over, and its time to move towards your spotlight.

StayLit, Loves. 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“My will to put an end to darkness allows my spotlight to shine brighter.”
(10 of Swords + 3 of Swords + 9 of Cups) Sun Trine Moon + Moon  Moon Sq Neptune + Jupiter Sq Pluto

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