My will to face the truth illuminates innate gifts | Self Care Mantra

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Big changes are upon us all and it's in a good way. What emotions are you ready to let go of or better yet, ’eclipse out’ of your life? Whatever your first thought, is now being energetically activated to liberate your life. You can thank the universe for this benefit as the Aquarius lunar eclipse has an expansive and lasting effect. Be open to let go of anything that is hindering your growth and true freedom. This lunar solar eclipse, lasting up to a month, is illuminating matters that may shock you to where it creates a ripple effect that is set to change your life forever as its ruling planet, Uranus, will be activated throughout this months eclipses. This major shift is set for you to step into your future while releasing the baggage of the past. Embrace the unknown and gladly let go of past conditioning and programming. A newfound future is upon you that is deemed to be fortunate and sustainable. Jupiter the planet of blessings, luck and abundance along with Saturn, that sets lasting value is illuminating a moment in time that you can all remember. Now is the time to bridge your present with your bright future ahead. Emancipate yourself from any fears of change and be the catalyst that will breakthrough you towards your destiny. Recognize there is unclaimed fortune awaiting your grasp for you to affirm what is yours. Depending on where Aquarius is activating your natal chart, this liberated emotion is set to create newfound spaces within your life. To begin manifesting your hearts desire, be open to birthing a new you as you release any mental programming of who you used to be. Step into your future now to create the life you already know to be yours.

StayLit, Loves.

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Mantra:
“My will to face the truth illuminates innate gifts.”

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