Leo Solar Eclipse | As Above, So Below

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If you haven't heard as of yet, a major portal shift towards our destined path is occurring today! Yes, today is the day of the well talked about Solar Eclipse to which the Sun & Moon is creating a visible conjunction within the sign of Leo. This means the moon in Leo will visibly align itself in front of the sun in Leo which will block out the sunlight starting at 2:44pm est today. Last time this has occurred was recorded to be the year of 1776, which consequently is the year the US has inked it to be the year of its independence. Fast forward to today's events within the US - how do you think matters will pan out now that the feminine energy represented by the moon blocks out the masculine energy of the sun? What do you think the cosmos are trying to tell us? I think it's quite bad-ass that it had to be a Leo moon that is courageous enough to block out the sun.

This cosmic event is propelling us forward by first granting us with a major reset on our emotions and subconscious spheres to move forward in creating the life we want as we are being re-aligned back onto our destined path. It takes emotional courage for us to move forward. This means letting go of any bruised egos of the past to allow our new revival of feelings from this portal to positively align our needs in manifesting our wants. This is especially vital for us within the states as today's cosmic phenom, known as the 'Great American Eclipse' - we get to visibly witness an energetic shift that is astrologically propelling us towards a progressive path to our future. It is up to us, as collective, that we make sure our progression leads us all to a space that benefits us all to have the capacity to shine, be creative and live our hearts desires that ultimately benefits everyone over inflated egos of a few which leads to destruction.

Given the positive energy, I would suspect the former as the planet Uranus positively aligns with the sun and moon. We are due for major leaps forward that dares us to radically change and implement ways of being which hasn't been done before. At this point, change is the major theme of this solar eclipse, to which we are being lead to move with our core truth, our courage and progressive views all while we creatively express our illumination to set us back on track towards our destined path. Sounds simple enough, but believe challenges are due to to test you. Though, when you move fearlessly, courageously, and most of all with love, the doors of destiny will rightfully open as you creatively light up your destined path. Look to your astrological chart to find out where Leo is placed to see how the solar eclipse energy will specifically effect you. Lasting up to 6 months, this energy will be shifting you onto a great path. Be sure to practice self-care through these changes as our Lit Sage Stick is perfect for cleansing your space along with our bath products allows you to ease into these changes with your personal royal treatment.

StayLit, Loves.

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