I believe in manifesting my dreams into reality | Pisces Full Moon Manifesting Mantra


Do you recognize the power of your imagination - the emotions it carries and even what your fantasies hold? There is a magical essence in the air that is leading us to illuminate our emotions at its highest vibrations as tonights’ Full Moon in Pisces radiates is magical blessings. Pisces is the sign that rules our imagination, creativity, the meditative state, the mystical, our intuition and the unseen worlds. The veils of mysticism is now very thin and is illuminating these worlds as Neptune, Pisces ruling planet is in close conjunction to the full moon, making this full moon much more magical. Under the blissful spell, it is a prime time to connect to your higher selves through meditative practices, prayer and even through self-care rituals that involves hydrotherapy like a relaxing bath. This Pisces full moon is asking you to release your emotional baggage and relax your mind, body and souls in order to receive the messages your higher self wants to reveal to you. Be open and aware of what your intuition telling you as it will become true to your current realizations.

Lasting for two weeks, the Pisces full moon energy will disclose your highest emotional understanding where real manifestations are due to reveal itself in practical ways as the current sun in Virgo will show your its precise illumination. Be mindful of your thoughts as Mercury in Virgo is very detailed orientated and will manifest your thoughts promptly as-is. Remember that your emotions are an indication of your thoughts, so let your feelings be your direct compass of your internal vibrations. I encourage you to take the time to practice self-care and create a spa-ritual bath to help release and detox your body for the remainder of the week. As the full moon in Pisces energy dispels, you will find that your expression to get matters right and precise will be your driving force as the current Virgo energy growing this month is activating Mars and soon Mercury. You will find that your mindset and initial driving force will be directed towards diligently working meticulously on your day-day tasks. It is why I encourage you to take the time now till the remainder of this week to participate in a hydrothemapuedic self-care practice which helps to relax your first in order to gather your energy efficiently in getting down to work for the remainder of this month.

To begin activating your self-care practice, click on the link below to find additional guided meditations and the tools to start your hydrothemapuedic bath ritual. I totally recommend any of the Herbal Bath Salts for an aromatic body detox which works with both complimentary elements of mineralized salt & herbs (earth) and water. In the meantime, I also encourage you to recite the meditation mantra below to activate the energetic vibration of the Pisces Full Moon which helps to manifest your dreams into reality.

StayLit, Loves. 

Pisces Full Moon Meditation Mantra {Tarot-Star Card}
“I believe in manifesting my dreams into reality”. 

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