Harvest Time! Self Care & Awareness During Virgo Season

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It's harvest season and its the time to reap the benefits of the year moving forward. In order to do so, start to tie in all loose ends as Virgo’s does so effortlessly. Create a system of action to tackle the work you want to complete, as so many planets are shifting into the sign of Virgo. With the sun illuminating its characteristics on the collective, we also have Mercury going into Virgo in a few days along with Mars already ahead of the game. This denotes a time of doing the work efficiently, meticulously and as perfectly as you can. It is a time where being detailed-orientated and working on practical manners that are also helpful will allow you to reap your harvest not solely for your benefit but for others as well. With the goals you have set initiated from Aries season, it is time to analyze what has been done thus far and what needs to be done for the remainder of the year with great diligence. Be mindful and recognize what is factual from what is not. Make lists to prioritize your tasks in order to be precise and on-point with your duties. Virgo also rules the body, so in the midst of carrying out your tasks, be sure to maintain balance towards taking care of your body. Remember to stay hydrated, eat healthily while practicing self-care rituals like meditating.

Don’t worry yourself too much as our minds are prone to be very critical as Mercury in Virgo manifest this energy with all the tasks it carries. Remain chill whenever you find yourself worrying or being over-critical of yourself and others. Instead, keep a healthy balance and re-collect yourself through meditative practices. Whenever your find yourself off-axis and overwhelmed with work, focus on your breathing and meditate for a few moments to clear your thoughts which helps you to release negative thinking. Mars in Virgo initiates your will to work on everything critically, so practice balance when necessary. Stay clear of over-doing things and work as efficient as possible as Virgo's highest vibration knows so well on getting the work done while keeping the body healthy. I encourage smudging your space in the mornings to purifier the air and remove negative energy that may manifest. Find out more about meditation and cleansing your space to offset your harvest that is ready for you to reap this Virgo season.

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StayLit, Loves.