I feel happiness in the power of the future I am building | Self Care Meditation

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How are you moving towards where your power lies? With radiant courage, determination & with a sense of fearlessness you are igniting your power potential. Your driving force is highlighted now as the Sun in Cancer is aligned with Mars, also in Cancer. The theme of home, security & comfort becomes our aim of the future we are moving towards. We see this theme playing out around us to which the motive of securing our family bond & ties even in matters of home, where we reside, our country, is all in focus. Be open to expanding beyond what you find comfortable to reach the security you haven’t thought you can create. As the Sun illuminates our unique modes of accomplishing security in Uranus; find ways to challenge yourself & find a communal approach that is unique to create a secure foundation for all. Allow your heart to lead you to the direction of your future as there are major growth opportunities within partnerships to do so. Romance & harmonious vibrations are ignited as Venus & Jupiter are in positive alignment which creates the potential to grow what it is you love & value. Venus also rules money, so get into the feeling of your wealth building as the moon is now in Venus ruled Taurus.

Experiment with what communicates your expansive loving nature as Venus in Gemini also encourages this. As you do so, bring along a partner or initiate partnerships to make your experience more expansive. Recognize that your power lies in not only going after what you want, but also with the collective & within partnerships. You will find that within group efforts, family dynamics and in partnerships will create a fruitful livelihood, especially when you add realism to what you are planning. Go by routines & rituals to create a plan that will nurture your creative ideas. Guard yourself against carelessness. Emotional outbursts & accidents are prone today as Mars is in a challenging aspect to Uranus. Instead use this energy sensibly to allow a potential breakthrough to happen when you wisely direct your force. Remember you always have the power to create your reality. Recognize your worth & find your power igniting your creative nature. In building your security and planning your future, be secure in your motives and force as this is the base of where your power lies. Know that greatness awaits you. Recognizing this ignites your innate power. Bask in this mindset and in this feeling and know that you and your tribe truly deserve a fruitful life.

StayLit, Loves. 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“I feel happiness in the power of the future I am building.”
(Ten of Cups + Knight of Pentacles) Sun Conjunct mars + Sun Square Uranus + Venus Sextile Jupiter + Venus Square Neptune + Mars Square Uranus

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