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Libra season is looking pretty good for rapstress, Cardi B as she celebrates her birthday month with a major win. If you haven’t heard, Cardi B has made history as the 1st female rapper with a solo single in almost 20 years to hit the #1 spot in the billboard charts. Cardi B’s fame goes without any help from cosmos above, where she has been gaining great support form the benefactor planet of Jupiter. Known to be the largest planet in our solar system to date, Jupiter emits the energy of growth, opportunity, luck, faith, optimism, gain, expansion and even exaggeration as we now call it, doing-the-most. Like anything, there are negative and positive aspects to the energetic vibration of each planet and sign, but to Cardi B’s benefit she has chosen to be faithful in her efforts and grasp the opportunity given to her to which Jupiter has granted immense growth.

Throughout the whole year, Jupiter has made a return to her natal Jupiter in Libra. This is known as her Jupiter return, which occurs every 12 years. Even with Jupiters challenging aspect to Pluto, the planet of transformation, death, our emotional depths the underworld and rebirth, Cardi B has risen to gain the claim to fame and expand her brand with Jupiter’s help. Because she has made the conscious change to leave the reality show Love & Hip Hop, she has definitely transformed her image to becoming a notarized rapper that has propelled her to have the #1 song in the country. What is admirable about Cardi B is that she countlessly made it known to the public that her claim to fame was not easy and that she has definitely put in the work to get to where she is now. Her saying this, attributes to the challenging Pluto aspect that squared her Jupiter return throughout the past year, which ultimately presents that if she wants to gain more within her fame she must ultimately transform herself. And what makes her transformation truly likable to the public is that she has remained true to herself, in real Plutonic fashion, of being her raw self. As we know, Cardi B has started her career as an exotic dancer that led to great notoriety on her social media Instagram page where she displayed her raw and exposed personalty while addressing all kinds of taboo topics, like sex, her desires, etc (again speaking to Pluto which is the ruler of Scorpio). She was then was a cast member of the reality show, Love & Hip Hop and to date transformed herself from leaving the show to becoming a rap star she is today.

These two massive planets, Jupiter and Pluto dancing together this past year, alludes to Cardi B’s powerful growth to which has been granting her abundance. But a natal aspect that speaks to the public falling in love and taking to her raw personality is that Cardi B was born with Venus conjunct Pluto aspect. This denotes why Cardi B has taken to be an exotic dancer, which shows the beauty of a woman’s sexuality in an erotic manner along with her unapologetic personality about her experiences. Venus rules beauty, money, women and values and Pluto rules sexuality, exposure, rawness, and the purity of it all. With this in mind, it is definitely no coincidence that we are taking a liking to the beauty and value Cardi B brings to being truly yourself through your raw and sexual nature that we all desire and possess. We can note that Cardi’s claims to fame is not letting go too soon as she has a valuable and powerful transit coming within the next few days. This transit alludes to Jupiter transiting into Scorpio within several days that will last up to a year. I see that Jupiter will activate her Venus Pluto conjunction to which she will expand even more powerfully through beauty and fashion brands which feminine energy will empower her to further grow. We already see that she is partnering with Steve Madden’s shoe company to create the “bloody shoes” she’s raps about which cosmically aligns with the upcoming Jupiter transit to make this collaboration a success. As a Libra sun, also ruled by Venus, her awareness about feminine energy and the idea of beauty is an expression we can see more of with the growth of Cardi B's brand is creating alongside her rap career. I think this past year defiantly hints to her growing success and the powerful moves she has made that will catapults her carer into an arena of growth that has great potential to expand even more as she grabs the opportunities to do so.

Ultimately, I don’t think Cardi B will pass on these opportunities, because she is all about about making the money-moves that she raps of, so be sure to see more of Cardi. What are your thoughts, do you think Cardi B has an astrologer on payroll? Because she is definitely on the money and making perfect timing. Or maybe Cardi B is aligned? Sounds about right.

StayLit, Loves. 

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