Enhance Self-Care This Fall | As Above, So Below

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Bask in your harvest that you are growing, within and around you. The fall equinox marks the day where we are receiving equal amounts of daylight and nightlight that begins on the day of Libra season.Bring balance to your light and shadow sides and connect the two as you gain wholeness which connects to your true self. There’s great beauty that is forming now, especially when you are practicing self-care to balance the external work you have been creating. Take the time to tap within to bring forth your harvest of well-being. I encourage you to start a spa-ritual to honor yourself and bring balance to your inner and outer wellness. A spa-ritual is StayLit, Love’s version of a home spa where you create your safe space. It is a space that you create for yourself by relaxing yourself in an herbal bath that ignites your senses and soothes your mind into a meditative state. Your spa-ritual can also be done by cleansing your space with StayLit’s aromatic sage sticks while immersing yourself to a detoxifying bath of an herbal bath salt blend or herbal bath bomb. You can even further enhance this ritual by dressing your surroundings with your favorite flowers as you listen to StayLit’s meditative soul playlist just because you deserve it.

Because Libra energy exudes the Venusian power, when at its highest degree of loving yourself you then radiate that energy towards loving others - its that divine balance. During this season, be mindful, as Libra energy is also about our mindset and how we are able to harmonize opposing forces. Ask your self, how can you transform or change matters to bring balance into your life with others? With your response, analyze the methods to do so without worrying yourself as Mercury in Virgo activates our analytical minds. In your communicative efforts of understanding how to make sense of harmonizing dual forces, recognize that you have the power to uncover hidden information as Mercury makes a positive connection to transformative planet, Pluto. With this aspect, empower yourself through your thought processing so that you can bring forth powerful changes to the matters you are committing yourself to. In this instance, your optimism becomes the driving force towards your success, not only for you but in honor of the harmonious nature of Libra, also with others.

StayLit, Loves.

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