Initiate Self Care | Virgo New Moon Meditation Mantra


Stay satisfied and remain precise on your goals that is beginning to crystalize into reality. Observe what you have harvested and recognize that what you have diligently organized thus far, is for your satisfaction to enjoy the earthly pleasures that you will soon reap. With the Virgo new moon activating your call to duty, which initializes you to begin a new project, this new moon is asking us to begin finding new ways to advance our beliefs that ultimately brings progress to what you have been harvesting. This new moon is vital as Virgo energy usually offers us to be as efficient. As the first new moon after the solar eclipse, ask yourself, in what ways have you analyzed some different methodologies that can add greater progress to your life? Recognize that self care is always a helpful route to take as Virgo’s meticulous energy demands precision and perfection within our daily habits.

Find ways to bring a balance between your emotional well-being and physical well-being as today’s sun in Virgo opposes the wounded-healer asteroid, Chiron. This aspect denotes a vital catalyst to healing old emotional wounds that is needs to be healed from the recent solar eclipse. Though your self-care routines, allow your emotions to process its healing, which at first can feel quite over-whelming. Recognize that the energy from the recent solar eclipse is a build-up from this massive cosmic shift that is still carrying major emotions (water) that must be dealt with. We already see the mirror to this notion happening with the weather climate around us as Neptune (god of water) also ruling Chiron now, has raised our water conditions all around the world causing floods and hurricanes. It is fair to say that cleansing is necessary for the earth along with its inhabitants. In this notion, allow your emotions to flow even through your emotional wounding to provide effective progress towards healing.

I encourage salt baths as a healing methodology to you body which detoxes and releases matters that no longer serve you. Meditation is also a great self-care practice to initiate during a new moon to clear your mind. Another simple healing method during the Virgo new moon is to take time some time out of your day to step into nature. Go into a park, ground yourself and take of your shoes and feel the bear earth if you like. If that doesn’t comply with you lifestyle or schedule, buying a plant is also great ritual during the new moon to which you are nurturing life. Another effective cleansing method is smudging your space with aromatic Lit Sage sticks to help release negative energy while purifying the air around you. In true Virgo fashion, there is always work to be done, energetically and physically. Though, through your initiatives, always take some time to practice self-care which ultimately brings your bounty of real resources to your great satisfaction.

StayLit, Loves.

Virgo New Moon Mantra

“I analyze my emotions of satisfaction to add value to my daily habits.”

Tarot (9 of cups)

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