My open frame of mind allows a shift of abundant opportunities to grow | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Are you taking advantage of the abundant opportunities that lie before you? Growth opportunities have been available now then ever since the Sun has been in positive aspect to abundant Jupiter. This denotes an optimistic energy abound us all when we realize the opportunities before us to reach our goals. Some of us may have so much on our plate that we may have to juggle more than one opportunity that may be available to us. Practice discernment on the choices you decide as clarity can be an issue when the sun is in a challenging aspect to Neptune. You may find yourself day-dreaming to where miscommunication may occur, so be mindful of your thoughts to communicate clearly. Our best bet with this aspect is to use our imagination for visualizing the best circumstances of opportunities that are available to us in attracting our dreams and manifesting it into reality. Your choice and what you are thinking about, has great manifestation powers that can lead your to a better circumstance. I encourage to meditate as this energy involving Neptune is bound to raise your vibration when you tap into your inner wealth and divinity. By simply dropping your consciousness into your hearts space you can then allow your thoughts to let your imagination run free to cultivate a clear innerstanding.

Wherever your internal compass leads is where you will find your true discernment which will help solves any problems. In doing so, you have the profound opprotunity to heal your instinctive awareness (the Moon) as it connects to our collective concealed trauma (Chiron). This aspect reveals the potential to attune our emotions to any deep issues that needs to be healed. Remember, your acknowledgement of any internal woundings is already half of the inner work that needs to be done towards healing your wound. Let your ego move aside and feel your way through this awareness during mediation today to light up your internal self to accept your shadow. Your wellness becomes easier when you do the shadow work to enjoy the lighter moments of life.

As Venus our divine feminine energy positively connects to Mars, our divine masculine energies, there’s a cohesive innerstanding that exudes passionate pleasures. This is a time to enjoy the loving nature surrounding us as our desires positively attracts what we truly want. Enjoy the sensual pleasure that you find valuable and go after what it is that makes your feel comfortable and safe. Whatever, or whomever your sensual comforts lie, be open to the acceptance of what you will receive and go after. It is already yours.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“My open frame of mind allows a shift of abundant opportunities to grow.”

(Two of Coins - Six of Swords) Sun Square Neptune + Moon Trine Chiron + Venus Sextile Mars

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