I think optimistically to grow the rewards I have coming | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Feel optimistic of what you have been harvesting. The seeds, the work and your efforts has the potential to reap your rewards. When you release expectations of how matters should turn out and simply enjoy the process, it is then your rewards will blossom before you. Expectancy makes the process of reaping your rewards seem longer. Time flies when you are enjoying life, so have fun and find ways that are creative in working towards what you want to achieve. As the Sun trine Jupiter, you have cosmic support in doing so as this energy gives you an expansive opportunity to grow relationships through your communicative efforts. Perhaps you are putting too much judgment on yourself and opportunities lies in reaching out to others in order to flourish in your efforts. Be open to this notion, as this transit communicates great optimism in reaching your goals and dreams. 

Renew your emotions and how you feel about growing your efforts as you tap into your intuition to recognize where your best opportunities lie. Allow your intuition to play its part, as the Sun aspecting Neptune activates your imagination. Though, this can be a challenge, since your imagination can create exaggerate matters, so be sure to use your discernment and go within to meditate. When you meditate, you are enhancing your intuitive power which is your best internal compass that leads you to your truth. In doing so, speaking your truth and even revealing your vulnerabilities provides great healing when we connect with others. As Mercury (communication) positively aspects Chiron (healing), what you convey, within your truths, leads to a healing accepting your deep issues. Fear less, as we are all experiencing these energies as a collective and your awareness brings innerstading to what you and everyone around you may be experiencing on certain levels.

Your perspective reigns greatly when you have fresh view within your emotional and spiritual lens which connects you to your higher consciousness. Tap into your illuminated nature and raise your vibrations to shed light on your shadows as you move through any challenging energies. Recognize that energy comes in waves where high’s and lows are inevitable. But when your internal compass is lit, your are able to have a better perspective when navigating through any energy shifts. Through meditation your navigation becomes clearer as you are in-tuned to create a view that you will ultimately appreciate.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“I think optimistically to grow the rewards I have coming.”
(7 of Coins - Page of Cups) Sun Trine Jupiter + Sun Square Neptune + Mercury Sextile Chiron + Venus Sextile Mars

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