I feel justified in my secured emotions | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Find security within your emotions when you find the balance with logic. Your mindset is the conduit of your emotions so steer clear. Be open to matters being better than what you imagine as your secured emotions has the potential to stabilize positive thinking and results. When our emotions are secure this is where all forms of security within our lives begin to align supportively. As Mercury transits in close proximity to Mars, it is easy to put your thoughts into action. With this aspect of both planets in Cancer, having secured forward motion, is made to manifest from the impact and influence of your emotions. Be mindful of your feelings and of others in a diplomatic fashion which bring balance and justification to what you are communicating. Raise your vibration as this is the opportune moment to use your courage to back your convictions. StayLit, Love and be open to matters being better than you imagine as Mercury contacts expansive Jupiter. Keeping a positive outlook and grounding your emotions brings abundant connections.

Your mindset is activated today with Neptune positively aspecting Mercury, denoting your imagination and creativity has no boundaries. I would encourage taking the time to meditate where you have great potential in receiving creative insights and ideas. Be mindful, as this energy makes us fantasy-prone to day-dream, so remain grounded to avoid a drifting mind. This caution applies to matters you initiate and act on today, as Mars transits closely to spiritual Neptune. You may find that losing track of time, matters and even points of direction is highly incidental, so stay mindful and on course with this energy. The opportunity to expand is available, but as Mars squares Jupiter, there can be an overabundance of what you can do. A touch of realism is necessary for grounding today’s energy. Your grand ideas and schemes has the potential to be highly creative but with a dose of moderation involved, brings balance to your emotional well being and mindset. Remember when you’re secure emotionally, your actions are ultimately aligned to justify true success.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I feel justified in my secured emotions.”

(Justice- King of Cups) Mercury Conjunct Mars + Mercury Square Jupiter + Mercury Trine Neptune + Mars Square Jupiter + Mars Trine Neptune 

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