A positive mindset illuminates the renewal of abundance | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Change, transformation and renewals are not themes you should reject. The death of anything in your life, creates room to brings something new to enter your life. Your best bet is to be open or rather optimistic of any changes that occur when the ending or death of circumstances happens. An open mind to abundant change allows you to raise your vibration in receiving more than what you think have been lost.

This theme especially resonates today as the brightest star in the sky, the sun is in positive aspect to the largest planet, Jupiter. This denotes to be an abundant time where doors of opportunity are opening based on your mindset and relationships. As the sun is in the communicative sign of Gemini, your thoughts are being illuminated and is expanding. Be mindful of where your thoughts and communication leads you- as it becomes abundant whether your self-talk is positive or not. Keep your mindset lit as there are opportunities of expansion opening before you that is being manifested in divine time. Meditate to clear your mind from a low-vibrational state to recognize this opportunity of change and transformation. Your thoughts are being magnified now so keep it lit and raise your vibration through meditation to shift your mindset to a higher consciousness.

In doing so, you will find that your magnetic attraction will be on point and clear in deciding what exactly is it that you want. As Venus the planet of attraction and Mars the planet of passion positively connects, there is a beautiful balance occurring in your ability to enjoy life’s pleasures. Bask in this energy as romantic relationships carries the theme of fresh fun and passionate communications which will easily flow. Recognize that the relationships you value and what you attract communicates lasting value. Be open and serious to communicating your commitment to what you value while creating a space of expecting the unexpected. Exciting changes are upon you that takes on shock value as Uranus the planet of randomness connects with Venus -our pleasures. Be open to the universe creating magnetic attractions as you lead your thoughts positively, which has the capacity to manifest into finer circumstances.

You have the power to heal your wounds by simply leading your energetic force of thought into a higher realm positive thinking and communication. Remember your continuous mindset takes shape to your beliefs which inevitably builds your future. Always be mindful of your thoughts and the changes it has the power to manifest.

StayLit, Loves.

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“A positive mindset illuminates the renewal of abundance.”
(Death - Five of Coins) Sun Trine Jupiter + Sun Square Neptune + Venus Sextile Mars + Venus Trine Saturn + Venus Conjunct Uranus + Mars Sextile Uranus +  Mars Square Chiron + Saturn Trine Uranus

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