A Stabilized Mind Manifests Expansive Abundance | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

What does the meaning of family and community mean to you? For many it is where true fulfillment and happiness lies when you are part of a tribe that supports one another. Each element or person has its special function in creating a cohesive community that ultimately brings true happiness to the collective. With clear communication you are bridging relationships to expand into a community or family that grows emotionally and spiritually abundant. This is especially true as the cosmos above is relating this energy below, which indicate that to get in formation towards growing fulfilling relationships that builds fortunate communities. As the the bright star our sun connects with the largest visible planet, Jupiter, abundance is truly being communicated to us in fulfilling ways.

June 9th marks to be a day of amazing shift as the Jupiter will move out of its retrograde phase in the sign of balanced Libra. Relationships will begin to grow expansively in balancing the relationship we have with ourselves when Jupiter was in retrograde. Now that we have fostered our illumination in relating to our inner abundance, there is now a massive shift to share this light with others in growing fulfilling relationships.There is sense of enjoying life pleasures as this shift takes place as the the divine feminine, Venus and the divine masculine, Mars, positively aspects each other. Truly, there is something quite romantic and uniting with this combination to which passion and pleasure flows seamlessly in enjoying the connection with significant others, family and communities in the harmony it creates. Recognize your mindset plays a major role in igniting these shifts as the sun, your vital expression and Mars, your actions, are both in the sign of Gemini. This denotes a strong mental force on your thinking which quickly directs your energies to expand. Be mindful of your thoughts and keep them positively lit to manifest a connection the universe is ready to bestow. Venus is an easy aspect to Saturn, the planet of karma and responsibility, which means that what your values has great ability to stand the test the time. What you are attracting or give value to now, in terms money, beauty, and love will positively stick and easily be acommitting factor in your life.

Be open to the excitement that is being creating with what you give value to as Uranus (shock value) can stir up the unexpected. Your actions also play a role in these shocking experiences, so be mindful of where you are leading thoughts as it has a rapid manifestation capabilities with Uranus in close proximity to Mars in Gemini. Fear less, though, as these are quite positive aspects, to which anything that has shock value will be in your favor and even healing. Remember your mindset creates your beliefs which has the potential to liberate you, so choose your thoughts wisely in way that will provide lasting fulfillment for you and your community. StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“A stabilized mind manifests expansive happiness.”
(Four of Wands - Ten of Cups) Sun Trine Jupiter + Sun Square Neptune + Venus Sextile Mars + Venus Trine Saturn + Venus Conjunct Uranus + Mars Sextile Uranus +  Mars Square Chiron + Saturn Trine Uranus

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