Internal awareness Illuminates my external connection | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Let your internal light, light your path ahead. Acknowledge the attractive powers of your thoughts. The energetic vibration of your mindset is what shapes your emotions, your actions and then forms your experiences. Everything is created twice, first within than in the physical reality. This is where self-care becomes prominent because when you take the time to practice self-care rituals you are investing in your inner wellness which manifests positively in your physical world. Your external world is a direct reflection of your internal experience. It is vital to check-in from time to time in recognizing how you really feel and what are your current thoughts. In your awareness, you have greater advantage to shift your experience into a better reality once your acknowledge your internal experience. With today’s cosmic climate, our internal energetic vibration is lit as our emotions and mindset is being activated. Be open to where your internal compass is guiding your as the sun and moon are in positive alignment denoting your energetic emotions is positively initiating your vital expressions. Be mindful of your communicative expression as it is being greatly illumined. As the sun is aligns with communicative Mercury, your mental process is being lit and motivating you with great ideas that is propelling you to start communicating and promoting. Use this energy to schedule that important meeting, list your ideas your want to propose or send that proposal. If you have contracts and negotiations that are pending it is a good time to communicate your needs over these documents as great resultsare highly favored now. In doing so, you are also in for positive surprises as shock-factor planet, Uranus is also being illuminated by the Sun. Expect the unexpected that can positively progress your life with today’s results. Be open to a 2.0 version is being propelled through your brilliance, so be sure to express your individualistic side as your unique-self is appreciated. Opportunities may be found at the most unexpected spaces, so be sure to express your mind and communicate your ideas openly. You will find that our emotions and thoughts are cooperating greatly where rational-decision making and emotional-awareness will flow in favor. This is good day to nurture a creative idea you have been sitting on, as it it may prove to be both visionary and profitable. Be open to your creative vision and expressions that is bound to bring great rewards beyond your dreams. Today is a powerful day that is propelling us to great leap forward only if your internal vibrations illuminates a positive vibration. So to keep your internal vibrations lit, recite today’s astro-meditation mantra to activate this energy that will ignite the trail you are blazing forwards. StayLit, Loves. 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“Internal awareness illuminates my external connection.”

(2 of Cups - 4 of Cups) Sun Sextile Moon + Sun Sextile Uranus + Moon Sextile Mercury + Mercury Sextile Uranus + Venus Sextile Neptune

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