Intuitive consciousness fosters my illumination | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Allow your innate nature of anima to blossom in reflecting your wholeness.  You are made of divine masculine and divine feminine entities, of both intuitive and conscious power. Embrace your creative expression as it initiates the endurance of love. This especially resonates today on Father’s Day as the moon, our feminine nature, transits into the masculine warrior sign of Aries. A stark balance between femininity and masculinity is directly felt to care for self and adopt self-care rituals that ultimately feeds the soul.

When the moon is in Aries, we may feel the selfish need to care for self, which is at times is needed when done healthily. It is best to start a self-care ritual today that ultimately benefits you and in return everyone around you. You would be surprise at how caring for yourself will revolutionize your mindset that manifests self-love that is not only beneficial to you but everyone else. Expect the unexpected today as the sun highlights our unique-selves, friendships, along with our hopes and wishes. Uranus adds shock value to our lives to which our individualistic natures is moe appreciated as you liberate yourself to allows others to be free themselves. This freeing notion in expressing ourselves with this aspect has the potential to bring great progression into our lives. In doing so, we have the capacity to experience true healing to our egos by accepting both our anima and animus natures. Be mindful of your intuitive and conscious mind that flows through you. Allow these entities to create a harmonious vibration within you rather than resisting one over the other. True wholeness manifests through our intuition and consciousness, which ultimately manifests profound thinking that fosters our brilliance and ideas into fruition.

Recognize that your creative nature is attracting your dreams to you. As Venus is in positive aspect to Neptune, a romantic flair to idealize what we value resonates greatly now. Within this positive vibration, I encourage to engage in a spa-ritual today in valuing yourself through self-care. Nurture your creative ideas will you do so through visionary practices that will ignite your imagination and allow your creative juices to flow. In doing so, you will find your greatest potential awaiting to blossom beautifully in its greatest value.

Happy Fathers Day -StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“Intuitive consciousness fosters my true illumination.”

(High Priestess - The Devil) Sun Sextile Uranus + Sun Square Chiron + Mercury Opposition Jupiter + Venus Sextile Neptune

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