As I expect the best I manifest success | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

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You have the ability to create anything you want and make it turn into gold. The midas touch is in your hands, and the question is, how far are you willing to commit to make your goals real? Know that you have what it takes to do so, despite any challenges that comes your way, it builds character on how to navigate through them.

With today’s cosmic climate, challenges are abound. Enjoy the birds-eye view of how far you have come as you weigh out the ways to move pass any conflict. Our emotions are due to flair as the moon in sensitive Pisces squares our vital communicative energy with the sun in Gemini. This denotes that expressing our emotions may be challenging to where you may feel stuck or just over going through the motions. Instead, continuing to move forward and through this energy best by tapping within as the moon in Pisces rules our subconscious realm. Take some time to meditate today as youdrop your consciousness to your hearts core. There you will find where your ultimate truth lies. This is where you will find a fresh perspective to move forward as you commit to your self-care ritual that will radiate your midas touch when relating to others. Remember as within, so without. So in the midst of any conflicting energies, it is your responsibility to take some time out and tap within to recognize the ways to reign over any issues.

When committing to your progression amazing developments unfold, even to your surprise. This is especially true as the sun is in positive aspect to progressive Uranus. Expect the unexpected as a revolutionary enlightenment may present itself in a unique way. You may experience an “a-ha” moment that brings great progression, especially through your visionary contemplations and meditating. Be open to receive a radical idea through contemplation. Remember you are magical and when you shift your mindset to this magic, you willespecially find great solutions that has the power to heal and resolve any conflicts to create a better reality.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“As I expect the best I manifest success.”

(The Sun - Three of Coins) Sun Square Moon + Sun Opposite Saturn + Sun Sextile Uranus + Sun Square Chiron 

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