Success is mine when I own my thoughts and emotions | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Claim your personal success. When you do so you are already successful love. With the work you have been doing, recognize the path you are blazing will be highly rewarded. This is the mindset we all should adopt when we are putting in the work, despite of what how your immediate presents itself. Remember what will last takes time and the cosmos today is aligning this notion as the sun is in opposition to Saturn. This denotes that your efforts has not gone unwarranted and is rather appreciated based on your committed efforts and integrity. Saturn represents our karma, so what your vital energy is expressing now is creating your karma- whether this is positive or negative.

It is vital to keep your aura lit through gaining a positive perspective. Release any self-limiting beliefs and allow your raised vibration to be your driving force in building your legacy. Just think, when you are initiating any project, you always begin with the belief of success, so keep this notion in mind in order to fulfill the success you have already ordered from the universe. Take responsibility of your thoughts and emotions to shape the success that is right before you. As the sun aspects Uranus, you may experience some revolutionary enlightenment that is being ignited to propel you to your future. Keep in mind that what it is your are communicating is being activated as the Sun has been transiting Gemini. Be mindful of where your thoughts are leading you as it has the greatest capacity to change your future progressively. I encourage you to listen to today’s meditative mantra in activating your exciting future ahead as it assists with re-aligning your subconscious thoughts as well.

Our emotions will be heightened as well as our our deeper issues will be highlighted today as the sun faces a challenging aspect to Chiron. This denotes an ignited awareness of our wounds that needs healing. With the Moon in sensitive sign of Pisces, it is a powerful day to meditate in healing any wounds as Pluto (our power) is igniting our intense emotions. You have the opportunity to empower yourself though your deep emotions felt. Own this, as you channel this energy through your meditative practice today. In doing so, you are reclaiming the power of your emotions that ultimately drives your personal success and healing.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“Success is mine when I own my thoughts and emotions.”

(The Sun - Three of Coins) Sun Opposite Saturn + Sun Sextile Uranus + Sun Square Chiron + Moon Sextile Pluto

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