Thinking productively attracts the flow of love and positivity | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Are you committed to the discipline it takes to go after what it is you love?  Better yet, how are expressing this commitment in receiving what it is that you need and want? Today’s cosmic climate asks these questions since its a fertile time to reap what it is we have sown. Receiving our rewards goes without measuring our disciplinary efforts which leads to lasting benefits we value. Through your daily work you are committed you you will naturally gain your successful accomplishments. In doing so, it is wise to be mindful of the choices you make in regards to the routine you are doing which inevitably attracts a balanced outcome.

The law of attraction is quite potent now based on your thoughts, beliefs and the expression of these. A lot of the work you do now has great potential to manifest abundantly whether your thoughts, beliefs and expressions are negative or positive. Jupiter, our largest planet expands all that it comes in contact with, so the universe doesn’t choice whether it wants to expand your positive or negative vibrations. You do. You have the power to attract what it is you want by committing to the choice of shifting your mindset to positivity which cultivates your beliefs and ultimately your everyday vitality. The practice of self-love through self-care is an essential expression that reverberates positive circumstances to you. Through meditation, as you silence the mind to release tension, stress and negativity you have the opportunity to focus on your hearts core in discovering where your true loving nature resides. Allow your internal light to illuminate your strengths and even weakness to become fully aware of your ability to stay lit and enhance your strengths and transform your weaknesses. In doing so, you will soon radiate your light within to attract your hearts desires to you. Recognize that this goes without discipline and practice which leads to raising your energetic vibration.

I encourage you to listen to the meditative soul guided meditation playlist to activate you illuminating energy. In doing so, you will find the choices to move in the direction of what it is that you truly love to be easier to do and manifest the best results within your daily work rituals, relationships, health, career, family, etc… it will all work in your favor as you are committed to do so. Be open to communicating the progression your desire now matter how unique, different and radical this may be.

With the sun illuminating Uranus, our progression, your individuality allows your way forward to be at ease and well received. What you choice to focus on should be based on the strength of your uniqueness and what is true to you. As Venus is in positive aspect to Mars, being comfortable with what you want will attract what it is that you truly value. Be sure to do the work to create lasting value while being true yourself. In doing so, you are manifesting what you truly love by committing to the choice of practicing self-care through self-love routines thatwill ultimately illuminate your truth.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“Thinking productively attracts the flow of love and positivity.”

(Eight of Pentacle - The Lovers) Sun Opposite Saturn + Sun Trine Uranus + Venus Sextile Mars 

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