The will to communicate my goals manifests deserved abundance | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

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Have faith and recognize that your rewards are due from the what you have given. Your perseverance demonstrates your strength that has the potential to manifest generously. This is especially as today’s sun in Gemini is in positive aspect the Moon in Aquarius communicating our originality. Let your progressive vision motivate what you want to accomplishment. which is helping you reach the fulfillment of your goals. Continue to take responsibility towards your actions, as you have great potential in receiving long term benefit in doing so. Your will is communicating your growth, especially when partnered with others.

As Mercury, the planet of communication positively aspect expansive Jupiter, what you communication to others has great potential to grow and manifest abundance. This is the ideal time to speak what it is you want to expand. Relate your ideas, plan your goals, send that proposal and communicate taking your relationships to the next level! You’d be surprise how what you communicate may be too good to be true with the abundance it brings. As you harness these positive energies in today’s meditative mantra, I encourage you to really feel the value of life’s beautiful comforts which is manifesting within your reach. With Venus and Mars positively aligning, going after what gives your emotional security will attract what you need and want.

Play with this energy with creating a spa-ritual of self-care to attract your true values. Recognize this as you mediate today to activate this abundant energy. Remember to cast your spell as your words holds great magic now to manifest your abundance. StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“The will to communicate my goals manifests deserved abundance.”

(9 of Wands - The World - Six of Pentacle) Sun Trine Moon + Sun Opposite Saturn + Mercury Trine Jupiter + Venus Sextile Mars 

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