I think harmoniously to celebrate brilliance | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Recognize the success you have built and the stability it has offered you to be an harmonizing accomplishment. Leave matters in the past behind and enjoy your life today. As the sun opposes Saturn, the responsibility to fully express ourselves becomes a prominent contrast between ourselves and others. Whether this is internally or externally, it is vital to communicate with openness to create a space of positive improvements which has the potential for long term benefits. Let your open mind communicate the exciting possibilities right before you as our relationship are expanding through our optimistic nature. As Mercury is in positive aspect to Jupiter, it is a fertile time to relate to others through our communicative efforts and projects. Do you have agreat idea or matter you have been wanting to communicate? Now is the time! Start that blog or website you had in mind, or send over that proposal and idea to a business partner. Even for romantic endeavors, be open to send that email or message to the person that came to mind. Be committed to what you are communicating as it has great potential to blossom. So relate your brilliance, clear any emotional chaos and make a logical new decisions which has a great potential to be well received, supported and even celebrated by others. Let your communicative efforts expand into an adventure of satisfaction that can feed your creative impulses. Feel free to celebrate these moments as they come to reward your hard working efforts and disciplinary actions. Balance is necessary in enjoying the pleasures of hard work and the stability you have accomplished. Even when there is more to come, continue feed this vibrant energy which creates more reasons to celebrate. Relish in these moments of creative expressions and pleasure as it raises your vibration and communicates your exciting future ahead. Even through meditation, there are equally as enjoyable benefits in harnessing this positive energy as it brings harmony & inner peace to your overall wellness. I encourage you to look forward expectantly as you cultivate your value of pleasure in receiving what you both want and need. The time is now, so keep your inner light lit as you radiate and express your brilliance. StayLit, Loves. 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“I think harmoniously to celebrate brilliance.

(Four of Wands - Page of Swords) Sun Opposite Saturn + Mercury Trine Jupiter + Venus Sextile Mars 

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