My inner knowing radiates my internal beauty | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Get into the deeper meaning of beauty, which lies within. Open up to your altruistic nature of self-love to find your greatest power. In doing so, you are taking full responsibility of your inner wellness and self-care rituals that ultimately leads to long-term benefits in all areas of your life. When you meditate, you are ignited the light within that allows divinity to flow. As you do so, drop your consciousness down to your hearts center, take deep breathes as you release tensions in the body and thoughts within your mind. Within your meditative state, this is where you inner power is ignited. It takes discipline to access your meditative state, but as you listen to guided meditations, your will eventually become spiritually lit.

Experience your direct knowing and trust your gut reactions as this is powerfully intimate as you mind, body and soul aligns its energetic vibration. Start your love affair within and eventually you radiate your altruistic nature to loved ones. As Venus and Mars, the cosmic divine feminine and masculine bodies beautifully connects, our yin and yang energies are flowing effortlessly. This balance denotes your readiness to give and receive love and adoration. Be open to what your are attracting and confident towards what you want -as both energies satisfies our wants & needs. In your confidence, find comfort in showing love as you simultaneously attract this vibration. Reflect on your renewed sense of emotional and spiritual innerstanding that is now illuminating your inner light. Shed your detachment as you show love and passion and respond to your true beauty from within.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“My inner knowing radiates internal beauty.”

(Page of Cups - Four of Cups) Sun Opposite Saturn + Venus Sextile Mars 

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