I gain personal empowerment through healing my internal awareness | Astrology Meditation

Be open to a renewal and change that is upon you. With grace change brings in positivity. It is best to be mindful of your thoughts during any time of transformation. There’s a wind of change that is within our consciousness as the Sun is in positive aspect to Pluto. This denotes that there’s a reinvigorating light shining on us that entails personal empowerment and healing. Change is for the better and this is one thing constant in our lives, so be open to the positivity it brings.

I always encourage that we meditate to ground these energies and to empower ourselves through our manifestation capabilities. Visualization is a prime practice that speeds up manifestation to where you already see and even feel what it is you want to change in your life. Though in times of transformation our comfort may be compromised to which our instinctive awareness may not want to feel these changes to which we many limit ourselves. This is an absolute natural reaction especially as the moon squares Saturn. This is the opprotunity to take responsibility over your emotions that may sway you off your path of positive changes. Even when your instinctive nature may shut down your awareness to feel, push through as this work has the benefits to crystalize successfully and last.

Your productivity is vital through the internal work you’re carrying out, which has potential to materialize as you recognize this fertile time. Be careful not to be critical of your emotions as this slows down any healing. The moon in Virgo opposes Chiron (our wounds) which brings conflict to our emotional healing. You may find everyone may be in their feelings today, as our internal compass is navigating through our internal wounds. Fear may be a result of these internal struggles, so express compassion as a coping mechanism for yourself and others. Our compassionate nature is to be well received as the sun (our vital energy) trines Neptune (our divinity).

Hold space of for your divine expression through mediation and recognize that your higher consciousness will positively speak to you. You got this. Empower this transformation of your progressive future by indulging in a spa-ritual that helps you to relax during your meditation.

(Nine of Swords-Page of Pentacles) Sun Trine Moon + Sun Tine Neptune + Moon Opposition Neptune + Mercury Conjunct Uranus 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I gain personal empowerment through healing my internal awareness.”

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