I have abundance within that rewards the love I give | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Our generous nature is a prime indication of the love we have within. Allow the light of your rewarding nature to shine as it brings balance to a world that essentially needs more acts of kindness. When you act from abundant space, prosperity is easily a recognizable choice. Give thoughtful attention to what it is you want to attract based on the vital energy that stems from within. Luckily, as the sun is in positive aspect to the moon, there is a harmonizing balance of internal and external affairs.

Nature, as far as the cosmos is giving us ample light to shine once we are aware. No matter what is externally occuring, when you are balance and most importantly aware of the micro and macro scale of matter- you are essentially in power of the choice you choose. As the sun in Taurus is in positive aspect to the moon in Virgo there is a stabilizing practical element of energy being offered to us to recognize that we our internal resources brings great value to our vital expression. We have the power to reap the seeds of wisdom that is arising at this time, especially from the intention made from the last new moon in Taurus. When these two earth elemental energies of Taurus & Virgo are in positive aspects, there's a natural stabilizing force of reliability abound I encourage you to tap into this energy to raise your vibration above any unnatural elements that can distract you from radiating your natural light.

Through raising awareness of the positive practice of meditation and in creating these daily astro-meditative mantras, I hope to that we continue to keep our auras lit. This innerstanding is necessary in recognizing our higher consciousness which allows us to raise our vibrations so that in return we receive the rewards that’s due to living our light.

StayLit, Loves

(Six of Coins-The Lovers) Sun Trine Moon + Sun Tine Neptune + Moon Opposition Neptune + Mercury Conjunct Uranus 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I have abundance within that rewards the love I give.”

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