I have rewards to come as I continue to act out my greatest potential | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

You have great potential to be in reciprocity when you create inner balance. The universal law of giving and receiving promotes prosperity from within that essentially exudes around us. We are in a better position when we follow the universal law of giving and receiving to which success ultimately follows. Continue to visualize your rewards while you persevere with the necessary work it takes to manifest your material payoff.

As you gain your resources today you may want to extend compassion to others in giving manner. It is an opportune moment to be generous based on your ideals as the sun is in positive aspect to neptune. Trust and allow your innate feelings to guide your generous nature as a peaceful balance within soon follows. There is great cooperation between your actions and emotions today as the moon positive contact to mars. With the moon in Leo our emotions have a cheerful tone that bods well with what our actions communicates. As for our thoughts, be open to receive progressive ideas through your meditative experiences.

With mercury, our thoughts, in strong connection to far out Uranus, we are bound to receive some genius-quality downloads of ideas. You may have a striking conversations with others that brings great awareness. From this discovery, you are encouraged to courageously put these ideas into action as you plan out this progression. Your plans have the ability to have long-lasting affects that ultimately expresses your innovative individuality.

StayLit, Loves.

(Six of Coins-Seven of Wands) Sun Sextile Neptune + Moon Sextile Mars + Mercury Conjunct Uranus + Saturn Trine Uranus 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I have rewards to come as I continue to act out my greatest potential.”

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