5 Essential Reasons You Should Meditate

The benefits of recharging ourselves brings much vitality to our well-being. Like any system we are accustomed to, whenever there’s a malfunction a reboot is necessary for restoration. And the most effective way to recharge our minds, bodies and soul is through meditation. I encourage you to take the time to draw your energy within in clearing out what is no longer needed. This is an essential practice of wellness self-care.

Here are 5 Essential Reasons You Should Meditate:


1. It's good for the body

Meditation is a healthy practice that helps alleviate stress. We all know that stress is the one of the major causes of dis-ease that manifests within the body. When meditating, your body reaches a level of calmness that helps alleviate and release stress hormones within the body. When the body is at ease there’s no room for dis-ease.


2. It's good for the mind

Meditation has profound effects on the mind in assisting us to shift into more of a positive mindset. We always hear about think positive which is easier said then done. In the world today, we are bombarded with negativity in news and so forth. Though when you are aligned with a frequent mediative practice, you develop the mindset that allows you to view matters in more positive perspectives. You will find that you have more control over your thoughts that will ultimately allow you to remain in a positive mindset. 

3. It's good for the soul

As for the soul, this is a spiritual aspect. When the mind and body emits a positive frequency the soul is at ease. Though meditation you are able to raise your vibration to which scientists now discover the quantum metaphysics of this phenomenon measure. All matters have a frequency and when the mind and body is at ease your soul also known as your aura is at greater capacity of high vibration that is essentially a healthy state to be.


4. It allows you to be the change you want to see

Through the practice of meditating, you have the opportunity to recalibrate your energetic vibration. Though releasing negative thoughts and freeing your body from any dis-ease your soul evolves into changing your frequency. Once a change in vibration is made to where you are vibrating at a higher frequency you are in-tuned with your purpose of being the change you want to see. Remember, so within-so without.


5. It's the best form of self-care

Finally, meditation is a great practice of self-care. In a world that encourages moving outwards to reach our goals we fail to reach within to take care of ourselves. Our vessels are vital, so it is so important to nurture ourselves in all aspects by taking care of our minds, bodies and souls. During mediation, you are able to restore these three main functions of our soul-bodies simultaneously. Not to mention, self-care should extend as act of self-love, to which the goal should always be to fall in love with taking care of one-self. 

StayLit, Loves.

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