My enlightened foresight brings peace of mind | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Bask in your self-love my dear and the self-care rituals you create. Give yourself a hand and know that your self-work always successfully rewards. Recognize the feeling of your internal light igniting and take pleasure in this moment. Let go of struggles and gain peace of mind is indicated by the cosmos today as Mercury sextile Neptune. When you foster this illumination, your higher mind gains space over your consciousness and connects with you. I encourage you to meditate, light up an aromatic air cleanser to clear your space, or listen to your favorite tune to take you into a relaxed state of mind. Do what put your mind at ease, as these practices allows you to innerstand a new perspective which allows you to explore new paths.

As Mars opposes Saturn, a push pull effect is at play, though the act of restraint rights over over speeding ahead. Slow & steady wins the race, where you have the opportunity to learn and gain more when you take matters to account. Surrender and know that what is meant to be yours will bet so effortlessly. Mars in Gemini, our communicative acts is now positively aspecting Uranus in Aries-our individuality. This denotes great excitement in the air that will last this week. And this elated feeling is based on an upcoming aspect that ushers in an energy of abundance and luck. So as you take matters slow today, keep your vision locked on your pursuits which has an electrifying vibration to manifest.

After meditating, I encourage you to write down your thoughts and ideas or pull a tarot card that mirrors your vibration. Be mindful of the potential breakthrough approaching, as your thinking holds great power. Your pursuit of visionary passions are strong now so be wise towards where & how your direct your forces. Know that your thoughts creates your beliefs which builds structures in your life, so keep your internal thoughts lit to model a new order which has the potential revolutionize your life. StayLit, Loves.

 Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“My enlightened foresight brings peace of mind.”
(Three of Wands - Hanged Man) Mercury Sextile Neptune + Mars Opposite Saturn + Mars Sextile Uranus + Saturn Trine Uranus

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