My successful thinking ignites my internal compass | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Allow your inner light to inspire you. Your higher consciousness holds great power to ignite your soul. Know with your heart that you are in full alignment within through your intuition. Your internal compass is lit when you gain this true awareness. As Mercury is in positive aspect to Neptune, this denotes our spiritual minds are being ignited in many ways. Granted, spirituality comes in many forms to where our deepest wisdom and knowledge is revealed. This perspective takes form through meditation as it holds space for you to connect with your higher self. This is where your faith lies as your internal compass becomes lit by your intuitive power.

Recognize that connecting with your higher consciousness takes conscious effort and discipline. Through the practice of meditation, you are able to ignite your internal power to where you can trust your intuition that never fails you. Navigate through this realm of innerstanding to which you create a dynamic that activates your will power and breakthroughs. The pursuit of your vision becomes strong as Mars (action) positively aspects Uranus(individuality). Your will power takes form through participating in stimulating activities that has the capacity to advance sudden breakthroughs.

Be open to where you intuition leads you. Know that your internal light is always lit. It is up to you to ignite it. You reading this, you are already internally lit. Listen to today’s mantra to further expand your internal light. StayLit, Loves.

 Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“My successful thinking ignites my internal compass.”
(The Sun -The High Priestess) Mercury Sextile Neptune + Venus Square Pluto + Mars Opposite Saturn + Mars Sextile Uranus + Saturn Trine Uranus

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