I think clearly to make space for new & positive perspectives | Gemini New Moon Meditative Mantra

Make space within your mind to create a different approach, perspective or mindset. As the new moon in Gemini approaches, our thought patterns are highlighted for us to gain a new perspective in moving forwards. What are your usual thought patters? To easily respond to this drop your consciousness into your hearts space and feel your emotions. Your emotions are a direct indicator of our thought patterns. And if you find yourself feeling less than positive, this is the time to shift your viewpoint and create a different approach.

When the sun and moon is conjunction, within the same zodiac sign, this births a new moon that is derived from our divine masculine and feminine energies. The sun represents our vital energies and the moon reflects this from within. It is why during ancient periods, farmers use this time of the month as the most fertile occasion to plant seeds as these the combination of these two vital energies creates potent fruitions. The same concept goes for our internal energies, to which the intentions we begin to set now and plant into the universe has the great potential blossom when the moon becomes full. In order to plant new intentions successfully, old thoughts that no longer create value should be cleared and/or released. A relaxed mind allows you to clearly set your intentions to plan out the details that will help you manifest these thoughts into the reality. This goes without challenge since Neptune the planet of illusions is close proximity to Mercury, which rules Gemini. These energies can create facets of daydreaming where confusion may surface to which we may see things through rose-colored glasses. Though with Mercury in the sign of Taurus, a little fantasy doesn’t hurt as Taurus grounds your imagination that can bring them into fruition as we plan the details to do so.

These different viewpoints become the theme of this new moon energy as it denotes many contrasting approaches to choose from when projecting our thoughts towards our intentions. Venus is in a challenging aspect to Pluto which creates power struggles towards what we value. Our thought process is the advantage point here when we view these challenges from a higher perspective. When we tap within our hearts core, this lies our divine perspective in recognizing our truths of the matter. What we truly value comes from within to which we manifest through our actions. All external things can be a conflicting distraction now that deters you from your true value. The solution is to recognize the endurance, commitment and discipline that is required in generating value to what you love and want to hold great power. Anything less than, hinders your progress, so keep your focus on what it is your working for and not what isn’t.

Remember your mind holds great power over your actions. What you continuously think about builds your beliefs and in time creates a structure in your life that can either free your mind or build a wall. It is your choice to make as you have free will to choose what works best for. Choose wisely, you got this.

StayLit, Loves. 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“I think clearly to make space for new & positive perspectives.”
(Seven of Cups - Eight of Coins) New Moon in Gemini + Mercury Sextile Neptune + Venus Square Pluto + Saturn Trine Uranus

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