I have illuminated my worries & decided to shine bright | Leo North Node

With change comes great responsibility. Leave all worries aside when you are blazing the trails to your future. Cosmically, there has been a major shift set to propel us to our destined route that only allows our hearts to lead. Sounds simple enough, though when leading with our hearts, we can manifest a worrisome energy that stems from fear. As you learn to be attuned with your inner(G) you will easily bypass any worries that may manifest in the mind.

A major cosmic shift is taken placenow is where collectively we have the opportunity to shine our brightest within our destiny. For the next 18 months, this shift known as the nodal axis are points where the sun light illuminates the moon. The direction of where the nodal axis illuminates the northern side of the moon is the sign of which our destiny lies. And where the southern nodal axis of the moon is illuminated, shows where we must release traits of that sign. We all have different nodal combinations in our individual charts that points to each of our destinies. Though as collective, you may have felt this shift from the Pisces and Virgo axis to now the Aquarian-Leo dynamic. The latter leads our destiny, to which Leo is the sign that rules our hearts core. What is it that makes YOU ultimately happy? Leo is governed by our brightest star - the sun and your duty from now on is to be the star of your destiny. Be fearless and take on leadership roles that allows you to shine brightly within your creative endeavors.

Release over-thinking tendencies and thoughts of what others may think behind as these are negative Aquarian traits.  It is now all about you now and what makes your hearts core radiate. Shine bright. Though, this can often be misconstrued as being called a narcissist as society has constructed the idea to think of other’s think before ourselves. But when doing so, you ultimately damage yourself when you put others before you. Self-love will be a major theme during the next 18 months as we will come to recognize that taking care of oneself ultimately benefits us all. When we practice self love- we are tapping into our hearts core which is where our ultimate truth lies in regards to radiating the creativity we all have within. This shift of thought brings light to the consciousness that will lead the collectively to a brighter destiny.

So if you want to live out your greatest destiny, listen to heart, be happy first and let your creativity shine. Confidently reign over your destiny. Allow your courage & bravery to be your guiding force that leads your happiness. Know that being confident is key in unlocking your destiny, so feel free to bask in your light. You are an illuminated being that is meant to shine. At the end you will ultimately radiate your true creativity- outwardly.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I have illuminated my worries & decided to shine bright.”

(King of Wands -Nine of Swords) Nodal Shift to Leo + Sun Sextile Chiron + Venus Opposition Jupiter + Saturn Trine Uranus 

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