I own my manifestation power that creates my future | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra


What have you been creating in your life so that you can alchemize more ease into your life? No matter the current cosmic energies, our drive should always recognize the magicians we are to manifest a better future.  The act of alchemy combines all components of our thoughts, our actions, our emotions and the use of our resources. When we strategically balance these elements, like a magician, you can create anything you wish. Being aware of the cosmos and knowing that as above is as below is an additional tool to further enhance our manifestation power. Today, as we experience a grand fire trine and now a grand air trine, the wind of manifestation is blowing in our favors. These trines denotes that our high vibrational thoughts combined with action can lead us to new horizons. It is prime time to act and put our egos aside when working in groups or partners.

This new energy to manifest is present now, so keep old conflicts in the past to make way for new creative energies. You always have the power within to create your external existence. And in doing so, be flexible, listen and cooperate with others to create what it is your have already envisioned. You now have the opportunity to heal past emotions and wounds by creating your future. Allow yourself to feel high vibrational love energy as Venus positively aspects the Moon. Feel attractive in the resource you already have and in your beauty, which helps to enhance the universal law of attraction to you.

Remember, how you feel emotes what it is you are energetically attracting. Though it is best to always keep a natural balance and stay grounded as this energy can create an overly optimistic nature. Know what is that you have and fill it with love to help further your manifestation capabilities. You got this.

StayLit, Love.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I own my manifestation power that creates my future.”

(The Magician -Five of Swords + Ace of Wands) Sun Sextile Chiron + Moon Sextile Venus Mercury + Moon Trine Jupiter + Moon Opposition Jupiter

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